Catholic bishops gave millions of dollars to organizations that oppose everything Catholic, to ACORN, to IAF, to CMF but not a cent to struggling pro-life operations like Joe Schiedlerís Pro-life Acti
11/5/2003 8:04:00 PM
By George Kocan -www.illinoisleader.com

Dedicated to Lucifer, financed by the bishops?
Catholic and pro-life Congressman Bob Dornan was defeated by Campaign for Human Development funded 'social justice' groups that helped elect a pro-abortion Democrat
OPINION -- Every Sunday before Thanksgiving Day, the Catholic bishops collect money at Mass for their Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD).

Curiously, the CCHD prohibits giving money to organizations that actually feed, clothe or house needy persons. The funds must go to organizations that push social or structural change. These groups generally follow an organizational philosophy established by the Industrial Area Foundation (IAF).

The IAF embodies the beliefs and practices developed by its founder, Saul Alinsky. In the course of time, he trained many organizers who have gone on to successful careers in politics and "social change". Perhaps the most famous of his proteges is the pro-abortion, feminist, Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Social agitation, confrontation and personal attacks characterize Alinsky-style political organizing. It portrays a strong Marxist influence, an anti-Christian philosophy that divides persons into the "haves" and "have-nots". It propounds an ideology of "class struggle" that dehumanizes its opponents. He wrote in one of his books that, "Ridicule is man's most potent weapon." The Democrats made that idea famous as, 'the politics of personal destruction'.

Alinsky even dedicated his book, "Rules for Radicals", to Lucifer. Lucifer led the ultimate rebellion. He too rejected God's moral law, as Alinsky rejected the authority of the Catholic Church and the morality that it teaches. "I detest and fear dogma," he once wrote.

For thirty years, the bishops have been paying lip-service to the right to life, while putting Catholic money into Alinsky-style organizations like the IAF. They gave IAF a million dollars. They gave a million to ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) where Hillary Clinton learned her trade.

Joseph Cardinal Bernardin gave a million to the Chicago Metropolitan Sponsors (CMS) (while shutting down parochial schools) so that it could hire IAF to organize United Power for Action and Justice (UPAJ).

When the Cardinal was criticized for giving so much Catholic money to this group, he answered that the money did not really belonging to the Church. Someone gave it to him to fund CMS. No one in authority has yet pointed out that donating money in such a manner constitutes the very essence of money-laundering.

Not coincidencidentally, the traditional front groups of the Democrat Party, the labor unions, energetically sponsored the CMS. These included the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) and the Illinois Education Association (IEA).

AFSCME is one of the organizers of a march on Washington being planned for spring 2004 in defense of abortion "rights". Other organizers are NARAL, NOW, and Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

The IEA is affiliated with the National Education Association, a reliable organ of the Democrat Party and an aggressive proponent of abortion, feminism, homosexuality and other evils long denounced by Catholic tradition.

In California, Catholic Charities and CCHD-funded IAF oranizations stole the election of Republican Congressman Robert Dornan, by means of documented immigration and election fraud. Catholic money helped steal an election away from a devout Catholic and patriotic man, with a perfect voting record on the right to life, on behalf of a woman with an anti-life and anti-family Democrat agenda, Loretta Sanchez.

The Illinois Leader, an internet newspaper (www.illinoisleader.com), found that 75% of the Catholic priests who vote in the Chicago Archdiocese are registered as Democrats. Thus, they carry water for the party of "social change", the party of socio-sexual revolution, of abortionists, homosexuals, pornographers, adulterers, fornicators and perjurers.

Many of the Chicago area priests also endorse another Alinsky-inspired organization, Call to Action (CTA). It takes the Democrat agenda of moral rebellion into the very heart of the Catholic Church. CTA has complete freedom to organize and promote its agenda of dissent, which seeks to destroy the papacy and the Church hierarchy, to win acceptance for divorce, abortion, contraception, homosexuality, priestesses, liturgical abuses, a married clergy, and the abolition of property rights.

Catholic bishops gave millions of dollars to organizations that oppose everything Catholic, to ACORN, to IAF, to CMF but not a cent to struggling pro-life operations like Joe Schiedler's Pro-life Action League or Conrad Wojnar's Womens Center. Both of these devout Catholic men endured great legal and financial difficulties when NOW sued them in federal court for "racketeering".

The bishops give no real support to the cause of life and the family because that would undermine Democrat power. Serious Catholics must affirm their faith by rejecting the financial trick that the bishops turn every Thanksgiving into a treat for the culture of death.


George Kocan is a Republican Committeeman in Warrenville, Illinois, and a long-time activist in Catholic causes.

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