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At least 60 Italian priests have died after contracting coronavirus

By Courtney Mares, Catholic News Agency, March 23, 2020 In the past week alone, more than 3,000 people have died in Italy after contracting the coronavirus. Among the dead are at least 60 priests this month, according to local media reports. “I pray to the Holy Spirit to give us the gift... read more

Texas Abortion Clinics Ordered to Stop Killing Babies: Abortions are Not “Medically Necessary”

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews, March 23, 2020 A Texas pro-life group says it has become the second state to order abortion businesses to stop killing unborn babies in abortions. Several states have issued orders requiring that all non-essential and elective surgeries be stopped. The state of... read more

Nancy Pelosi is Once Again Trying to Force Americans to Fund Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews, March 23, 2020 For the second time in as many weeks, Speaker Nancy Pelosi is attempting to exploit the coronavirus crisis to push her abortion agenda on the American people. During the development of the first stimulus bill to tackle the coronavirus situation,... read more


By Steve Skojec, OnePeterFive, March 21, 2020 Editor’s note: the following is a reprint of information gathered by Gregory DiPippo at New Liturgical Movement, with his gracious permission, in order to give people as many options as possible for livestreamed Masses this Sunday and for the... read more

Message on the Combat against the Coronavirus, COVID-19 ON MAR 21, 2020

By Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke Dear Friends, For some time now, we have been in combat against the spread of the coronavirus, COVID-19. From all that we can tell – and one of the difficulties of the combat is that so much about the pestilence remains unclear – , the battle will yet... read more


By Father David Nix, Pilgrim Priest, March 14, 2020 Part I: Why the Cancelation of Masses due to COVID-19 is probably a good thing. (If Church history does not interest you, feel free to skip to Part II: How Should I Spend My Sunday when Public Masses Are Canceled?) Many bishops in the world... read more

Church Refuses to Close Because Planned Parenthood is Still Open Killing Babies

Micaih Bilger, LifeNews, March 20, 2020 A Louisiana pastor refused to close his church this week in the midst of the coronavirus scare because Planned Parenthood is still allowed to be open to kill unborn babies. All across the country, schools, businesses, nonprofits and non-essential... read more

Planned Parenthood in Illinois Closes Some Centers, Keeps Abortion Clinics Open Because Women “Need” to Kill Their Babies

Bu Micaih Bilger, LifeNews, March 20, 2020 CHICAGO, IL While doctors across the country are being encouraged to put off non-urgent treatments because of the coronavirus, the abortion industry continues to use precious medical resources to abort unborn babies. Abortions are not... read more

Coronavirus may cause ‘grave necessity’ for general absolution, Vatican says

Vatican City, Mar 20, 2020 / 11:05 am (CNA).- Cardinal Mauro Piacenza, head of the Apostolic Penitentiary, has said that the coronavirus pandemic may justify the use of general absolution, in extraordinary circumstances, for Catholics unable to go to individual confession. The Apostolic... read more

At least 28 priests in northern Italy have died from COVID-19

By Courtney Mares, CNA, March 19, 2020 Italian dioceses surrounding Milan have reported the deaths of 30 priests during the coronavirus outbreak. Avvenire, the Italian newspaper owned by the Italian bishops conference, attributes at least 28 of these priests’ deaths to COVID-19, and also... read more

Lt. Gov. Cyrus Habib: Why I am giving up elected office and joining the Jesuits

By Lt. Gov. Cyrus Habib (Washington), America, March 19, 2020 Earlier today, I announced that I will not be running for re-election as Washington State’s lieutenant governor and have decided to enter the Society of Jesus. This decision follows two years of careful and prayerful... read more

Coronavirus: Lourdes shrine closes temporarily

Ego Patricius: a Review of “I Am Patrick”

VIGANÒ on CORONAVIRUS: To Appease Wolves, Shepherds Abandon Sheep

Religious Liberty: Trump DOJ Defends Catholic School in State Court