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Cardinal Angelo Becciu

Two secular lawsuits raise deeply ecclesiastical conundra

By John L. Allen Jr., Crux, November 22, 2020 Two secular lawsuits raise deeply ecclesiastical conundra Rome – Within the last few days, two completely separate lawsuits have been filed in two different countries that somehow involve the Vatican. In the United States, four alleged sex... read more

Delivery of the World Youth Day cross in Vatican

By Vincenzo Pinto, Reuters/Pool, November 22, 2020 Pope Francis looks on as youth from Panama hand over the World Youth Day cross to their Portuguese peers at the end of Pope Francis' Mass for the feast of Christ the King, as part of World Youth Day, at St. Peter's Basilica, at the Vatican on... read more

Governor Pritzker Forces CANCELLATION of CCI’s December 11, 2020 Forum Luncheon

Governor Pritzker’s erratic response to the COVID19 virus, now allowing even fewer persons to be in attendance at indoors venues, will again force Catholic Citizens to CANCEL its December 11, 2020 Forum Luncheon. The luncheon was to have featured Fr. Joshua Caswell SJC, pastor of St. John... read more

The USCCB Just Showed Its Hand

By Michael Warren Davis, Crisis, November 18,2020 The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops is a bloated, corrupt organization teeming with left-wing bureaucrats who don’t have the Church’s best interests at heart. Crisis Magazine has said so on several occasions. It remains our opinion that... read more

The Fury of the Fatherless

By Mary Eberstadt, First Things, December 2020 The Trump administration’s recent designation of several American cities as “anarchic jurisdictions” may turn out to have been nothing more than a quixotic gambit in the supercharged run-up to November 3. But the fact that it was thinkable in... read more

Working group formed to deal with conflicts between Biden policies, church teaching

By Mark Pattison, Catholic News Service, November 17, 2020 WASHINGTON (CNS) — Archbishop Allen H. Vigneron of Detroit will head up a special working group of the U.S. bishops to address issues surrounding the election of a Catholic president and policies that may come about that would be in... read more

SSPX Statement on the Morality of Proposed COVID Vaccines

By Steve Skojec, One-Peter Five, November 20, 2020 Much of the 1P5 audience, I suspect is quite wary of taking any of the proposed COVID vaccines. There are any number of pragmatic concerns, not least of which are the potential side effects of any vaccine that is rushed to market. There... read more

UK police halt baptism in London church over coronavirus restrictions

CNA Staff, Nov 16, 2020 / 10:30 am MT (CNA).- Police halted a baptism in a Baptist church in London on Sunday, citing the country’s coronavirus restrictions that include bans on weddings and baptisms. The restrictions have been criticized by the Catholic bishops of England and Wales. A... read more

The ethics of Moderna’s coronavirus vaccine

Catholic News Agency Staff, November 17, 2020 While the Bishop of Tyler asserted Monday that the coronavirus vaccine being developed by Moderna “is not morally produced”, the National Catholic Bioethics Center and the Charlotte Lozier Institute have indicated it is ethical. Bishop Joseph... read more

‘We want Mass’: Catholics in France protest ban on public worship

Catholics protest coronavirus restrictions under which public Masses are banned By Courtney Mares, Catholic News Agency, November 15, 2020 Catholics in France gathered outside churches in multiple cities this weekend calling on the government to allow them to attend Mass during the national... read more

Court weighs challenge to Colorado discrimination law

By Colleen Slevin, November 17, 2020 DENVER — A Colorado web designer should not have to create wedding websites for same-sex couples under the state’s anti-discrimination law because it would amount to forced speech that violates her religious beliefs, a lawyer told an appeals court... read more

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