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Storm Heaven on Friday, May 1, 2020

My fellow Rosary Warriors, on Friday, May 1, 2020,  please remember that we band together from the four corners of the earth to raise our united voice to Heaven. The 151,278 Rosary Warriors will be reciting the Holy Rosary and storming Heaven with Prayer in union with the Holy Mass being... read more

Catholic Citizens to Feature Fr. Paul Sullins at the luncheon on June 12, 2020 [Cancelled by Gov. Pritzker’s Shut Down Orders]

The Catholic Citizens if Illinois luncheon on June 12, 2018 also has been cancelled due to Governor Pritzker's shut-down order. Mark your Calendar for June 12, 2020 Luncheon. Rev. D. Paul Sullins, Ph.D. will be the speaker at the the June 12th luncheon.  Father Sullins is a Senior... read more

Rachel Weeping

By Peter Diamond, M.D. On Good Friday 2020, Governor Ralph Northam of Virginia codified a bill that repealed almost all of the restrictions to abortion in the state. Remarkably, the bill allows for removal of safety standards for the physical and mental well-being of the mother that are common... read more

US cardinal dismisses prayer power during pandemic: We can’t just pray and think things will change

'[R]eligion is not magic where we just say prayers and think things are going to change,' Cardinal Blase Cupich said. By Martin Bürger CHICAGO, Illinois, April 16, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – U.S. Cardinal Blase Cupich has seemingly dismissed the power of prayer to combat the... read more

Converted in College: Hillsdale Students Find Truth of Faith on Campus

How collegiate life has spurred searching in minds and hearts. By Mary Rose Short HILLSDALE, Mich. — Students at Hillsdale College pursue goodness, truth and beauty through a liberal arts curriculum. To their surprise, some find what they are seeking in the Catholic Church. This year,... read more

Exorcist: Priests have ‘obligation’ to give sacraments to dying, ‘regardless’ of what bishop says

Fr. Chad Ripperger said a priest's 'obligation is the person’s salvation over his own physical well-being' By Lianne Laurance DENVER, Colorado, April 3, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — Exorcist and theologian Fr. Chad Ripperger says priests are under an obligation to give the sacraments to... read more

US archbishop rebukes brother bishops for claiming abortion not ‘preeminent’ voting issue

Archbishop Samuel Aquila wrote that there are a few bishops who 'sadly ... should know better' than to downplay the critical importance of human life. By Doug Mainwaring DENVER, April 3, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – A U.S. archbishop published a commentary criticizing his brother bishops who... read more

Storm Heaven with Prayer, July 1, 2020

Storm Heaven with Prayer! On this Wednesday, the 1st of July, please remember that we band together from the four corners of the earth to raise our united voice to Heaven. The 151,730 Rosary Warriors will be reciting the Holy Rosary and storming Heaven with prayer in union with the Holy Mass... read more


by Jules Gomes  •  •  March 23, 2020    Coronavirus memo calls faithful to prayer and penance ROME ( - A leading traditionalist cardinal is calling upon Catholics to reflect upon the coronavirus calamity in the... read more

“We Glory in Tribulations” – Living the Faith When Public Worship is Prohibited

By Bishop Athanasius Schneider, March 19, 2020 “We glory in tribulations” (Rom. 5:3) Millions of Catholics in the so-called free Western world will, in the coming weeks or even months, and especially during Holy Week and Easter, the culmination of the entire liturgical year, be... read more

Scientists Say That Sodom and Gomorrah Were Actually Destroyed by “Fire From the Sky!”

We all know the biblical story of how the sinners of the decadent cities of Sodom and Gomorrah why destroyed by a Godly rain of “fire and brimstone” from on high. Archeologists may have recently discovered proof of this cleansing of biblical proportions. A group of archeologists and other... read more

James Martin S.J. Strikes Again

Cardinal Pell Ruling Deferred, Supporters Hopeful

Francis vs. the Deep Church

Just don’t take away the Mass

The ERA Died Decades Ago (So Why Are the Losers Still Fighting?)