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January 1, 2021, Rosary Warriors will Storm Heaven

As we begin a New Year on Friday, January 1, 2021, The Rosary Warriors will Storm Heaven to ask for an increase of True Devotion to Our Blessed Mother Mary. Right before taking his last breathe, Our Lord gave the Blessed Mother to his Beloved Disciple, St. John the Apostle, and by doing so, also... read more

LGBT’s Come to Collect from Biden

By Austin Ruse | December 10, 2020 NEW YORK, December 11 (C-Fam) Thirty wealthy left-wing groups have banded together to insist that any Biden administration put the homosexual agenda at the center of its foreign policy. Calling themselves the Council for Global Equality, the group issued a... read more

Catholic Lay Group Denounces Bishops’ Congratulations to Biden: ‘Talk Is Cheap, We Need Real Courage’

DR. SUSAN BERRY3 Dec 20203,501 A Catholic lay organization is denouncing a recent congratulatory message the United States Bishops’ Conference sent to former Vice President Joe Biden, warning any attempts to compromise with Biden’s agenda will place the integrity of the church at great... read more

December 1, 2020, The Rosary Warriors will Storm Heaven

On this Tuesday, December 1, 2020, The Rosary Warriors will Storm Heaven to ask for an increase of True Devotion to Our Blessed Mother Mary who stood at the foot of the Holy Cross, who's maternal heart was pierced as she surrendered her only Son to suffer immense agony for our sins, who stood by... read more

Abandoning the Elderly in Belgium

John Stonestreet & Roberto Rivera, 11/23/20 A recent report by the Belgian affiliate of Amnesty International contained an elephant-sized irony that neither Amnesty International nor much of the media seemed to notice. With the title “Nursing Home Blind Spots,” the report claims that... read more

FULL TRANSCRIPT: Doctor destroys ‘utterly unfounded public hysteria’ over COVID-19

'This is not Ebola. It’s not SARS. It’s politics playing medicine and that’s a very dangerous game...masks are utterly useless.' By UPDATE: November 20, 2020 4:55 p.m. Eastern: Immediately after posting this video to YouTube, YouTube deleted it and suspended... read more

Federal court rules ban on therapy for unwanted attractions unconstitutional

'The First Amendment has no carveout for controversial speech...' By Dorothy Cummings McLean FLORIDA, November 20, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — The United States Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit has ruled that a ban on therapy for unwanted sexual attractions violates the First Amendment of... read more

A Second Look into the McCarrick Report

By Fr. Gerald E. Murray, November 21, 2020 The publication of the McCarrick Report [1] was a welcome step by the Holy See. It answers some questions raised by the appallingly successful ecclesiastical career of a now-defrocked cardinal, long known by many to be a sexual predator who used his... read more

Benedict XVI: In ‘new totalitarianism,’ opposing abortion means ‘social excommunication’

'Modern society intends to formulate an anti-Christian creed: whoever contests it is punished with social excommunication.' By Antonio Socci November 17, 2020 (Libero) — Last May there was controversy over the anticipation of some statements made by Benedict XVI to Peter Seewald published... read more

The McCarrick Report and the need for new protocols

I told the Congregation of Bishops about Theodore McCarrick’s disturbing behaviors and some of my account appears in The McCarrick Report. But there is more to be said. By Richard Fitzgibbons, M.D. Features, Opinion, November 11, 2020 On June 5, 2019, I spoke to JL, who was working on the... read more

The Solemnity of Christ the King

BY D.D. EMMONS On the last Sunday of the liturgical year, Catholics celebrate the Solemnity of Christ the King. A relative newcomer to the Church calendar — established in the 20th century — this feast is designed to give special recognition to the dominion Christ our Lord has over all... read more

Exiled Chinese Catholic Journalist: Chinese Believers Need Help!

Behold, the Innocent

When Joe Biden Saved ‘Roe v. Wade’