Christian YouTuber’s Excellent Video for Women: “The First Person You Have Sex With Should be Your Husband”

By Micaiah Bilger, Jun 15, 2018   | A popular YouTube channel that typically gives fashion and beauty tips recently encouraged young women with an important but often unheard message about abstinence until marriage. Courtney McCalmont, the 21-year-old Pennsylvania woman who runs the... read more

Catholics must fast and abstain from meat this Valentine’s Day, Chicago archdiocese

by Nick Hallett, Catholic Herald, January 29, 2018 The Archdiocese of Chicago said Catholics must follow the Ash Wednesday observance. Catholics are obliged to practice fasting and abstinence on St Valentine’s Day this year as Ash Wednesday also falls on the same day,an archdiocese has... read more

New Report Proves Abstinence Education Works: Fewer High School Students Having Sex

By Tony Perkins, Jan 8, 2018 For every parent who’s tried to tell their teenage kids that “everyone’s not doing it,” here’s proof! According to the CDC’s new nationwide report, the number of high school students who said they’ve ever had sex dropped from 47 percent in 2005 to... read more

President Donald Trump Cuts Planned Parenthood-Run Sex-Ed Programs, May Prepare for Abstinence Funding

BY MICAIAH BILGER,  AUG 11, 2017   | President Donald Trump recently cut funding to a questionable teen pregnancy prevention program that has given millions of dollars to the abortion business Planned Parenthood. The Hill reports pro-abortion President Barack Obama created the Teen... read more

If you want teens to thrive, teach them to avoid sexual risks

Risk reduction approaches sell them short. Valerie Huber | May 23 2017 It used to be called “abstinence education” and its unofficial tag-line was “Just say no”. But in 2007 the National Abstinence Education Association of the United States adopted the public health language of... read more

The truthiness behind the HPV vaccine campaign

Doctors are telling only half the truth about America's most common sexually transmitted disease Carolyn Moynihan | Apr 26 2017 | It was an alarming headline, all right. “Close to Half of American Adults Infected With Genital HPV, Study Finds”. As New York Times readers would know, HPV is... read more

Encourage, Enact and Enforce: Witnessing to the Church’s Teachings on Chastity During the College Years

By Timothy T. O’Donnell ,  April 22, 2016 The Church has always taught the beauty of human sexuality and that each person, made in the image and likeness of God, should live chastely, according to his vocation. Although not a recent phenomenon, our society has in many ways become blind to... read more

Babies’ Lives Matter: Center for Medical Progress Ironies

Written By Laurie Higgins | 01.26.16 Pro-life activist David Daleiden and an associate from the Center for Medical Progress, whose undercover exposés of Planned Parenthood abortionists’ cavalier discussions of the careful crushing and distribution of human body parts created a furor last... read more

An HIV/AIDS Prevention

A Message For America’s Youth BY SCOTT PHELPS, December 1, 2015 Charlie Sheen’s HIV diagnosis comes as a great surprise to Hollywood and the rest of the nation. Sheen says that the news of his infection was “a mule-kick to my soul.” Indeed. The news is particularly startling because... read more

My parents lived as ‘brother and sister’ for 25 years so they could receive Communion: priest

By Pete Baklinski PINE BEACH, New Jersey, November 9, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) -- While a movement of outspoken cardinals and bishops have suggested that it is not only “unrealistic” for couples in irregular situations to abstain from sex, but requires a “heroism [that] is not for the average... read more

The Co-Habitation Trap

By George Sim Johnston,  August 1, 2015 Recently, a college classmate told me that her 25-year-old son has a girlfriend about whom he can’t make up his mind. The couple have been going together for two years. He is serious about the girl, thinks she’d make a good wife, but tells his mother... read more