Toyota’s Super Bowl ad celebrates adopted double amputee, features no cars

‘Her life — it won’t be easy,’ the adoption agency cautioned. Jessica Long’s mother replied, ‘It may not be easy, but it’ll be amazing.’By Michael Haynes, LifeSite News, Fwebruary 9, 2021 Car maker Toyota’s Super Bowl ad featured the double amputee and Paralympic champion... read more

HHS issues final rule protecting faith-based adoption agencies

By Matt Hadro, Catholic News Agency, January 8, 2021 The Trump administration finalized a rule this week allowing faith-based adoption agencies to receive federal funding regardless of their views on same-sex marriage. Meanwhile, the old rule “discriminated against faith-based providers... read more

Biden’s OMB Nominee Heads Think Tank with History of Anti-Religious Freedom Advocacy

Neera Tanden was a strong backer of federally mandated contraception coverage, seeing it as a way to advance her vision of reproductive health, to overcome pro-abortion rights defeats, and to marginalize critics of abortion. Neera Tanden, Joe Biden's nominee for director of the Office of... read more
Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos

Trump eases rules for religious social service providers

By Collin Binkley, Crux, December 15, 2020 The Trump administration on Monday moved to loosen Obama-era restrictions on religious organizations that receive federal money to provide social services. In new rules coordinated across nine federal agencies, the administration said it was... read more
A man prays in front of the Notre Dame church in Nice, France,

Can We Please Get Serious about Protecting Religious Freedom?

By Kathryn Jean Lopez, National Review, November 2, 2020 The attack on a church in France and the foster-care case at the Supreme Court on Wednesday are rallying cries. ‘Blessed is the Righteous Judge.” Someone had painted an icon on the side of a building in lower Manhattan. It wasn’t... read more
Attorney General Dana Nessel of Michigan (left) with her "wife."

Michigan attorney general using secretive ‘hate crime unit’ to harass pro-marriage group

Damning evidence exists of Attorney General Dana Nessel's hostility toward traditional marriage. LifeSite News, January 17, 2020 Watching, listening, tracking, and compiling secret dossiers on dissidents until they are finally accused and prosecuted — these are the police-state tactics... read more

Greensburg Catholic Charities adoption, foster program shuts down amid legal battle

Catholic News Agency, November 19, 2019 Catholic adoption and foster care agencies in Pennsylvania are continuing to close their doors as Catholic Social Services of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia (CSS) continues a legal battle with the city of Philadelphia over the agency’s policy of not... read more

Trump admin: Adoption agencies won’t be forced to give kids to same-sex couples

By Calvin Freiburger, LifeSite News, November 1, 2019 WASHINGTON, D.C., November 1, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – The Trump administration announced Friday that it will not be enforcing Obama-era rules forcing faith-based adoption and foster agencies to place children in same-sex households, and... read more

U.K. Court Reverses Ruling That Would Have Forced Mentally Disabled Woman to Have an Abortion

By Jack Crowe, Nationa Review, June 24, 2019 A British appeals court on Monday reversed a previous ruling that would have forced a mentally disabled woman to abort her child against both her wishes and those of her mother.“Forcing a woman to have an abortion against her will, and that of her... read more

Anti-religious hostility takes aim at foster care and adoption agencies

by Kate Anderson, Acton Institute, June 12, 2019 To most people, helping orphans and children in the foster system find stable homes seems like a top priority -- the kind of priority that transcends politics and ideology. Unfortunately, however, those vulnerable children are quickly losing... read more

Federal Court Rules Against Catholic Foster Care Agency

BY: Jeffrey Cimmino, April 22, 2019 A federal appeals court sided with the city of Philadelphia against a foster parent and the Catholic foster care agency with which she works in a Monday ruling. In Sharonell Fulton, et al. v. City of Philadelphia, the court upheld a city policy that prevents... read more