Pope Francis and the faithful Bishops of Kazakhstan

Is the Dictator Pope about to launch an attack on the faithful Bishops of Kazakhstan – an attack of “fake news” and a media smear campaign?

From Fra Cristoforo at Anonimi Della Cruce. It is a computer translation on which I have done a little editing.


The quiet before the storm. What Bergoglio is preparing for the three Bishops of the Official Correction” of Fra Cristoforo

There was no imagining it; — all this silence on the part of the Vatican media (and those closely related to them) on the subject of the Official Correction. In fact, Bergoglio prepares his counterattack.

My source in the Vatican told me that last night Bergoglio stayed in Santa Marta with several Vatican “press officers” and various “advisers” for a meeting on how to deal with this new “unexpected” of the Correction of the Bishops of Astana. The source told me that the Pope was furious and went on a rampage because he can not stand any opposition. They heard him scream: “They will regret it! They will regret it bitterly!”. Of course, he referred to the courageous Bishops who “dared” to contradict the neo-gospel of the neo-church: Amoris Laetitia.

My source was able to catch an interesting piece of news, which we publish so that the three Bishops and those who join them can prepare their defense. We will also ensure that this “draft” can be delivered to interested parties as we did with our support link.

In short, Bergoglio and his acolytes are preparing a “contrast program”. Translated means: Bergoglio will not face the “Correctors” Bishops frontally, but has given carte blanche to its official and unofficial “press officers” to start a “media campaign” that denigrates the Opponents. As we know, Vatican communication is now in the hands of the Jesuits. Classic operation by the South American dictatorial regime. For Bergoglio, therefore, it is very simple now to unleash journalists.

This “campaign of denigration” will serve (in their opinion) to “discredit” those Bishops, publishing perhaps something of their past (true or not true), or building a “news” of sound plant, to lose their credibility.

In short, a little ‘how it was done and is done in communist regimes when you want to “eliminate” a dissident.

In the next days surely these “press officers” will start to publish something. Maybe even Bergoglio will surely run away a few lines.

We have a duty to defend and shield these heroic bishops.

A regime reigns in the Vatican. We know that the actions of control of Bergoglio have become almost “obsessive”. Mail, cell phones under control, bugs around … in the Vatican are the order of the day.

Consider that now the Holy See has established an App that all the priests of the world can download, where every week there is already a sermon ready for Sunday. Prepared by the Bergoglio delegates. With the themes of Bergoglio. With the words of Bergoglio. Today, downloading this sermon is optional. In a few months it will be warmly suggested. In a year “will be imposed”. Because all priests will be obliged to repeat, every Sunday, only and exclusively the words of Leader Maximo.

http://www.lastampa.it/2018/01/02/vaticaninsider/ita/news/nasceclerus-app-unapplication-to help-the-priests-in-the-homilies-PltkmjF2y7eDyx2Fq4zWnO / page.html ).