Analysis: New Vatican constitution to centralize power in state secretariat

Ed Condon/CNA  3 July, 2019 The document represents a consolidation of power in Rome unprecedented in the modern era Last week, Bishop Marcello Semeraro, secretary of the pope’s C6 Council of Cardinal Advisors announced that the group hoped to present Francis with a final draft of a... read more

Cardinal Gerhard Muller: ‘True Reform of the Church Is About Her Renewal in Christ’

By Edward Pentin, National Catholic Register, July 5, 2019 In a wide-ranging interview that discusses the Pan-Amazon synod and the Church in his home country of Germany, the cardinal says Western Christianity is experiencing a crisis of faith and spiritual leadership. The thinking behind the... read more

Pope Francis on the loaves and fishes

Why miracles aren't magic tricks By David Mills, LaCrix, July 3, 2019 As predictable as a Baltimore Orioles loss, anti-Francis Catholics celebrated Corpus Christi with a misleading story about Pope Francis, of the "Look at how this foolish man is undermining the faith now" sort. It popped... read more

Evangelizing the Amazon and the Gift of Priestly Celibacy

COMMENTARY: Will the proposed change in discipline lead to a holier clergy and a holier Church, or will it weaken the Church’s mission to evangelize and make saints of those in the Amazon and elsewhere? Fr. Roger Landry Blog, June 27, 2019 Friday is the Solemnity of the Most Sacred Heart... read more

Psychologist gives searing critique of Vatican’s new gender doc: a compromise with ‘neo-paganism’

By Diane Montagna ROME, June 14, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) — A Catholic psychologist has denounced the latest Vatican document on gender theory as containing “not one sentence of sound advice for parents who try to educate their children towards the virtues necessary for a Christian... read more

Cato and St. Paul

By David Carlin, June 14, 2019 We all remember the ancient Roman Cato the Elder and how he was in the habit of concluding every speech he made in the Roman Senate, regardless of the subject matter, with the words, “Carthage, it seems to me, must be destroyed.” Well, it seems to me that... read more

What Will Draw the “Nones” Back to Church?

By David G. Bonagura Jr., June 11, 2019 The number of Americans who claim no religious affiliation—dubbed “the Nones”—has been growing steadily for two decades. The Nones are now a slightly larger percentage of the American population than Catholics. But they are not all atheists: half... read more

Beware the Pitfalls of Curial Reform

By Msgr. Hans Feichtinger, May 31, 2019 A structural reform of the Roman Curia has been one of the goals of Pope Francis and a reason why he was elected pope. Even some in the Curia support the idea. The last two major reforms were made by Popes Paul VI and John Paul II, yet many think what... read more

Why ‘classical’ charter schools can’t replace Catholic education

Catholic education, if faithful to its mission, is in a unique and powerful position to serve our youth and lead them to fulfilling lives of joy and meaning. Secular schools will always fall short. May 22, 2019 Dr. Daniel Guernsey, May 22, 2019   As principal of a “classical”... read more
Phil Lawler

Making the best case for that open letter on papal heresy

By Phil Lawler, CatholicCulture.org, May 16, 2019 John Rist, perhaps the most distinguished scholar among those who signed the open letter charging Pope Francis with heresy, has explained his action in an interview with the National Catholic Register. I would strongly urge all concerned... read more

Does Bp. Schneider’s call for Pope to ‘correct’ Abu Dhabi statement lend weight to heresy accusations?

Editor's note: Catholic Philosopher Paolo Pasqualucci is one of the first 19 signatories of the Open Letter to Bishops accusing Pope Francis of committing heresy. By: Paolo Pasqualucci, Life Site News, May 16, 2019 [ANALYSIS] It seems to me that the recent, courageous and explosive... read more
Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga (Honduras)

Evangelization and Doctrine Are Inseparable

Pope Francis meets Bishop Athanasius Schneider

[MUST READ] Guest Op-Ed – Bishop Schneider: On the question of a heretical pope