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Don’t Let Pentagon Elites Drive Religious Out of Military | Opinion

By Mike Berry, General Counsel, Liberty Institute, March 24, 2021 This week, I had the privilege of testifying at the House Armed Services Committee on the topic of "Extremism in the Armed Forces." I must confess, however, that I was not quite sure what to expect. I seriously doubt anyone in... read more

Trump pushes back on reported cancellation of Navy contracts with Catholic priests

By Jusine Coleman, The Hill, September 9, 2020 President Trump on Wednesday pushed back on the reported cancellation of Navy contracts with Catholic priests who serve as chaplains at military bases. Rear Adm. Bette Bolivar The president announced on Twitter that the Navy would not follow... read more

US Navy Changes Course, Allows Attendance at Religious Services with Precautions

Gregory Slavonic, acting assistant secretary of defense for Manpower and Reserve Affairs, said on Wednesday that Navy orders should not “restrict attendance at places of worship where attendees are able to appropriately apply COVID-19 transmission mitigation measures, specifically social... read more

A Surprising Number of Vocations Via the Military

THE WALL STREET  JOURNAL, August 18, 2017 The largest group of young men who are taking their vows as priests are prior-service military. Aug. 17, 2017 I read Matthew Hennessey’s “The Priesthood Is a Heroic Vocation” (Houses of Worship, Aug. 11) as I was getting ready for a road march... read more

Bishops Struggle to Balance Needs of Parish and Country

By Chaz Muth, Catholic News Service, July 1, 2016 Providence Bishop Thomas J. Tobin took notice of the charismatic young Polish immigrant who seemed to excite young Catholics at his parish while endearing himself to the older parishioners.  Father Willenberg was given the honor of serving as... read more