Assisted Suicide


by Wesley J. Smith, 5 . 12 . 17 Doctors in the United States cannot be forced to perform abortions or assist suicides. But that may soon change. Bioethicists and other medical elites have launched a frontal assault against doctors seeking to practice their professions under the values... read more

Vatican to investigate Belgian Catholic hospitals for deciding to euthanize sick people

By Pete Baklinski BELGIUM, May 9, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) -- The Vatican has launched an investigation into Catholic psychiatric care centers in Belgium run by a Catholic order after it quietly approved euthanasia for patients earlier this year. The Vatican's Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro... read more

BreakPoint: Canada, the “Right to Die,” and the Mentally Ill

Death through Despair and Deception by: Eric Metaxas & Roberto Rivera, May 10, 2017 We could have predicted this: Canada may extend the “right to die” to the mentally ill. It’s an evil idea. In 2015, Canada legalized physician-assisted suicide. We have talked about the Canadian... read more


by Derek Ganzhorn  •  •  March 22, 2017 Gorsuch's mentor defended traditional marriage, Church teaching on Holy Communion Neil Gorsuch has withstood three days of sprawling, contentious hearings with aplomb. The closest the Supreme Court nominee has come to losing... read more

Not Buying ‘Death with Dignity’

African Americans and Assisted Suicide BY ERIC METAXAS From Colorado to the District of Columbia, death is on the march. But many African Americans are ready to resist. On October 18th, the nation’s capital took the first step towards physician-assisted suicide. The District of Columbia... read more

Election 2016: Let’s Get to the Point

A Note From the Publisher BY MICHAEL WARSAW, PUBLISHER , Wednesday, Oct 05, 2016 As Americans and as Catholics, we know that the most important issue is the right to life, as stated in the Constitution, Scriptures and many Church documents. All other human rights, while important, are... read more

Dissecting the age of ‘do harm’ medicine

A leading voice in American bioethics peers into the future in his new book Wesley J. Smith | Jun 16 2016 Wesley J. Smith is one of America's leading commentators on bioethical issues, especially assisted suicide and euthanasia. His columns are published in the National Review and he is the... read more

Violate Assisted Suicide Religious Objections Push Begins

By Wesley J. Smith — February 4, 2016 When seeking to convince a wary public to legalize assisted suicide, euthanasia pushers ooze with promises and assurances that it will only be a last resort–never actually a legal requirement–and that doctors and religious facilities can always opt... read more

Global Experience Shows that Physician-Assisted Suicide Threatens the Weak and Marginalized

By Ryan T. Anderson, Ph.D. Allowing physician-assisted suicide (PAS) would be a grave mistake for four reasons, as explained in a Heritage Foundation Backgrounder, “Always Care, Never Kill.”[1] First, it would endanger the weak and vulnerable. Second, it would corrupt the practice of... read more

Elderly will be under pressure to end their lives if assisted suicide law passes, say group of UK doctors

by David V Barrett Nearly 80 doctors have written to the Daily Telegraph to express their concerns ahead of House of Commons debate. Proposals to allow assisted suicide will cause more elderly people to feel pressured to end their lives, according to a group of doctors. Nearly 80 doctors... read more