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Canadian bishops condemn new assisted suicide law

Catholic News Agency, April 9, 2021 Canada’s Catholic bishops have condemned the country’s new assisted suicide law, and are asking for people to pray and to contact their elected officials in opposition to it.  “At this point, it is important to become informed, to renew our... read more

Abortion Activists Come Unhinged Over Bus Ad With Baby Saying “Take My Hand, Not My Life”

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews, January 27, 2021 What should be an uncontroversial pro-life ad on buses in Canada is making abortion activists angry. The ad, sponsored by Sudbury Right to Life, displays the message, “Take my hand, not my life,” and shows a baby reaching for a parent’s... read more


By Wesley J. Smith, First Things, December 31, 2020The West is tearing itself apart. The symptoms are evident in our bitterly divided politics and the attempts to punish those with heterodox views. But they are particularly evident in the ongoing collapse of the sanctity of human life ethic, which... read more

Trudeau warns there ‘may not be’ Christmas in Canada because of COVID-19

The pro-abortion prime minister of Canada said that ‘we will get through this; vaccines are on the horizon.’ By Anthony Murdoch, LifeSite News, November 3, 2020 ONTARIO, November 2, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau warned that unless “we’re really,... read more

Canada’s stunning new shrine has an equally stunning location

By J.P. Sonnen, The B.C. Catholic, September 14, 2020 The altar of Our Lady of the Rockies Shrine in Canmore, Alta. Catholics across Canada will be pleased to know there is a new pilgrimage destination in Alberta – the Diocesan Shrine Church of Our Lady of the Rockies in Canmore. The... read more

Physician assisted suicides double in Canada

By Christine Rousselle, Catholic News Aency, July 30, 2020 (CNA).- The number of Canadians killed by physician-assisted suicide nearly doubled between 2017 and 2019, according to a report released by the Canadian government. More than a third of those who opted for “medical assistance in... read more
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Canadian conservative party may block leadership candidate for calling homosexuality ‘a choice’

Some senior Tories are asking the Conservative Party to block social conservative Richard Décarie’s leadership candidacy because of his allegedly bigoted views. By Lianne Laurance, LifeSite News, February 3, 2020 Some senior Tories are asking the Conservative Party to block social... read more

This Catholic school ‘does not have a position on abortion.’ How is it Catholic?

School officials completely refuse to say By Briana Kraemer, The College Fix, January 28, 2020 A Catholic college in Ontario, Canada is refusing to defend its Catholic character after a campus political controversy led the school to claim that it takes no position on the matter of... read more