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Francis changes Catholic Church law: women explicitly allowed as lectors, altar servers

By Joshua J. McElwee,National Catholic Reporter, January 11, 2021VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis has changed Catholic Church law to make explicit that laywomen can act as readers and altar servers in liturgical celebrations, effectively removing a previous option for individual bishops to restrict... read more

Women take to pulpits in German diocese: “It is not enough to give testimony only in the family or at work”

By: Mada Jurado , Novena News, September 3, 2020 Women are to take to pulpits in a German diocese, saying “it is not enough to give testimony only in the family or at work.” Sermons are usually given by priests, but that’s about to change in the Diocese of Osnabrück, where for a... read more

The US bishops’ one-sided ‘dialogue’ with Joe Biden

By Phil Lawler | Aug 17, 2020 Another presidential campaign is upon us, and so it’s time for another round of feisty debate on the time-worn topic: Should Joe Biden be allowed to receive Communion? That debate, as practiced by American Catholics, was not always about Biden specifically.... read more

Vatican officials: ‘Querida Amazonia’ is magisterium, Amazon synod’s final doc is not

By Hannah Brockhaus, Catholic News Agency, February 12, 2020 Pope Francis' post-synodal exhortation on the Amazon is part of the Church's ordinary magisterium -- that is officially a kind of Church teaching -- while the final document of the Vatican’s 2019 Amazon synod is not, Cardinal... read more
Episcopal Rev. Susan Haynes


By Edward Peters, First Things, January 24, 2020 A small but intense drama unfolded last week in the Catholic Diocese of Richmond, Virginia. Thanks largely to the graciousness of the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Virginia, the matter was resolved in the least painful way possible. Even so, it... read more

Vatican erred in suspending US archbishop’s decision to strip ‘Catholic’ label from pro-gay school

By Thomas J. McKenna, LifeSiteNews, November 1, 2019 When noble minds assess the many contributions of the Catholic Church to human culture through the ages, they will undoubtedly view the remarkable clarity of its teaching about the laws of nature and nature’s God as a singular... read more

On Joe Biden and Judging Souls

By Robert Royal, November 4, 2019 The political season, alas, we always have with us now, but last week it took a turn in earnest. Father Robert E. Morey, a courageous priest in South Carolina, denied former Vice-President Joe Biden Holy Communion owing to the longstanding public scandal of... read more

Is Jesuit superior general committing heresy?

Canon lawyer Ed Peters asks about denial of devil as personal reality The existence of the devil as a personal reality, and not merely as a symbol of evil, is an article of faith (Ott, Fundamentals 126-131; CCC 395, 2851). Denial of an article of faith is an element of the canonical crime... read more

Catholic archdiocese lists lesbians as ‘mother 1’ and ‘mother 2’ on child’s baptism certificate

By Martin M. Barillas BOGOTA, Colombia, July 24, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – The Catholic Archdiocese of Medellín, Colombia, led by Archbishop Ricardo Antonio Tobón Restrepo, has allowed a lesbian “married” couple to be listed on a child’s baptism certificate as “Mother 1” and “Mother... read more

Seal of confession is an ‘intrinsic requirement,’ Vatican says

By Courtney Grogan Vatican City, Jul 1, 2019 / 09:30 am (CNA).- The head of the Vatican’s Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Penitentiary released a note Monday reaffirming the inviolability of the seal of confession and the importance of other forms of secrecy in the life of the... read more


by Church Militant, June 20, 2019    Per canon law, no priest may be forced to enter a rehab center against his will DETROIT ( - Father Paul Kalchik is warning that psychiatric treatment centers are sometimes used by Church leaders to sideline good priests.... read more
Sexual misconduct with adults next scandal facing the U.S. Church (Credit: Pixabay.)

Sexual misconduct with adults next scandal facing the U.S. Church

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Bishop bans Communion for abortion-rights supporters

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