Unitarian leftist: Socialism is not ethically superior to capitalism

by Rev. Ben Johnson • April 26, 2019 Is it better, or worse, for the government to compel the redistribution of wealth? Unitarian minister A. Powell Davies addressed the issue. Socialism has made a resurgence in this generation, not least because of its deceptive moral appeal.... read more

Communism’s Failed Promise

Heaven on Earth Without God by: Eric Metaxas & G. Shane Morris This week marked a century since one of the darkest chapters in human history began, and a truly evil worldview was put into practice. One hundred years ago, Bolshevik revolutionaries stormed the Winter Palace in Petrograd,... read more

The Roots of the Pope’s Anti-Americanism

By GEORGE NEUMAYR, July 12, 2017 It can be traced to his leftist background in Argentina. The other day I ran into a high-ranking churchman in New York City and we chatted about the state of the Church. Though appointed by Pope Francis, he shared some of my distaste for this pontificate. He... read more

Religion, the Great Economic Engine

MORE PROOF FAITH IS GOOD FOR AMERICA By John Stonestreet|Published: September 23, 2016 Guess who has the world’s 15th largest economy, right between Russia and Australia? American religion. Yep. A few months ago on BreakPoint, I mentioned a Pew study that demonstrated Americans’... read more

Poverty According to Francis. Virtue and Vice Together

It is the cornerstone of the magisterium of the pope. Who exalts it as a salvific value, but at the same time condemns it as an enemy to be fought. A philosopher analyzes this unresolved contradiction of the pontificate by Sandro Magister ROME, July 11, 2016 – The reception of the major... read more

Is Dorothy Day Suitable for Canonization?

BY BRANDON O'BRIEN, APRIL 19, 2016 It always seemed as if Dorothy Day, founder of the Catholic Worker Movement, was in trouble for something. A 1956 article in the New York Times describes an instance in which Day was fined $250 for being the landlord of a building that failed to comply with the... read more

Dear Bernie Sanders, Sorry I’m The Problem With America

by  Rob May, February 22, 2016 A tech CEO feels Berned. I agree with Bernie Sanders. The economy is rigged. In fact, it’s what my father, who is very conservative, taught me about life. Some find it surprising because the general position of liberals seems to be that conservatives don’t... read more

Pope Francis Praises Free Enterprise: a ‘Noble Vocation, Directed to Producing Wealth’

by THOMAS D. WILLIAMS, PH.D., 28 Feb 2016 Pope Francis praised the free market and the role of businesses in the creation of wealth and in the promotion of the common good in an address before 7,000 businesspeople Saturday. Although Pope Francis is often portrayed as anti-capitalist, he keeps... read more


A frenzy of omnipotence with no boundaries By: Dana Robinson "The weakening of the family finds one of its causes in a culture that more and more promotes extreme individualism. The strengthening of individual freedoms - something that of course we can be proud of - becomes a negative if it... read more

Food prices: financial speculation is a red herring

By Philip Booth, Institute of Economic Affairs, 18 December 2015 Pope Francis has frequently described the present global financial system as an “economy that kills”. He often specifically criticizes speculation on food prices. Addressing the UN this year, he said: “Beginning in 2008 the... read more

The “Strong Money” of Good King Saint Louis

By John Horvat II,  November 24, 2015 Speaking with a friend recently, we chanced to talk about money and coins. He is a coin collector and had just visited a coin shop nearby. I mentioned my own studies of medieval economy and its coinage. Much to my surprise and delight, he reached into his... read more

Humility and Hubris