Cardinal Timothy Dolan

Cardinal Dolan: Catholics more ‘hung up’ on abortion as Biden administration looms

New York City, N.Y., Jan 13, 2021 / 01:49 pm MT (CNA).- Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York has explained why Catholics are not ashamed of being 'hung up’ on abortion, especially in the context of the upcoming Biden administration, in a Wednesday column. Recalling a conversation with a... read more

The USCCB Just Showed Its Hand

By Michael Warren Davis, Crisis, November 18,2020 The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops is a bloated, corrupt organization teeming with left-wing bureaucrats who don’t have the Church’s best interests at heart. Crisis Magazine has said so on several occasions. It remains our opinion that... read more

Cardinal Dolan of New York gives opening prayer at GOP’s national convention

By Corey Crockett, PixNY11, Aug 24, 2020 NEW YORK — Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of New York for the Catholic Church, delivered the opening prayer at the Republican National Convention Monday. Dolan, who has become the de facto face of Church leadership in the United States,... read more

Liberal Catholic Paper Slams Cardinal Timothy Dolan for Praising Trump

BY THOMAS D. WILLIAMS, PH.D., Apr 29, 2020, The progressive National Catholic Reporter (NCR) published an editorial Tuesday trashing New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan for “capitulating” to the Republican Party. In their op-ed titled “Dolan delivers the church to Trump and the... read more

On Joe Biden and Judging Souls

By Robert Royal, November 4, 2019 The political season, alas, we always have with us now, but last week it took a turn in earnest. Father Robert E. Morey, a courageous priest in South Carolina, denied former Vice-President Joe Biden Holy Communion owing to the longstanding public scandal of... read more

A comment on a cardinal’s tweet re capital punishment

By Edward Peters, JD, JDC, In the Light of the Law Blog, June 17, 2019 Earlier today Cdl. Dolan of New York tweeted: “With the clear and cogent clarification of the successor of St. Peter, there now exists no loophole to morally justify capital punishment.” The supposedly clear and... read more

Catholic group boots Democrat New York senator from St. Patrick’s Day fest over abortion vote

By Martin M. Barillas, LifeSite News, March 8, 2019 An Irish-American Catholic organization booted Democrat New York state Sen. James Gaughran from its ranks and disinvited him from participating in the group’s St. Patrick’s day festivities on account of him voting in favor of an extreme... read more

Lay Catholics: Stop Waiting for Bishops to do Your Job

By Peter Wolfgang on February 10, 2019 It is a familiar story. The particulars are more radical this time. But it is essentially the same story. A Catholic politician commits some grave public violation of basic human rights. Outraged Catholics call for his head on an... read more

Cardinal Dolan Gets Canon Law Wrong on Abortion

By Monica Migliorino Miller, February 5, 2019 “Ghoulish, grisly, gruesome.” These are the strong words used by Cardinal Timothy Dolan to describe the Reproductive Health Act signed on January 22 by Catholic governor of New York Andrew Cuomo that, with a broad definition of heath, permits... read more

Cardinal Dolan Op-Ed Calls Out Gov. Cuomo for Abortion ‘Celebration,’ Church Dissent

New York archbishop said that Cuomo also unfairly characterized Church’s engagement with bill on statutes of limitations for sex-abuse cases. Catholic News Agency, January 30, 2019 NEW YORK CITY — The archbishop of New York said Monday that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has insulted the... read more

Bishops Wring Their Hands at the Whirlwind of Hell

By Monica Migliorimno Miller, Crisis Magazine, January 29, 2019 Several years ago, after I taught a course on Church history, my students presented me with a gift. It was an 8-inch tall action-figure of Pope Innocent III they purchased from a novelty store in Frankenmuth, MI. A pope of the... read more