Cardinal Donald Wuerl

McCarrick Redux

By William Dempsey, Sycamore Trust, October 11, 2018 Why does Fr. Jenkins stand with Georgetown and not Catholic University, Fordham, Portland, St. Bonaventure, Sienna, and New Rochelle in rescinding the honorary degree bestowed on Theodore McCarrick? #GoCatholicND [Editor’s note: After Fr.... read more

The Misplaced Priorities of Youth Synod Organizers

CCI Editor's Note:  Must read!  Follow the link for the full article. By William Kilpatrick,  October 10, 2018 Reading through the Instrumentum Laboris (IL)—the working document for the Youth Synod—one gets the impression that the biggest challenge young people face in life is... read more

The Deeper Crisis: Abuse of Authority

By Fr. Timothy V. Vaverek, August 30, 2018 Countless voices are being raised among bishops, priests, and laity calling for credible investigations of the McCarrick scandal, sexual abuse cover-ups, and the crisis in sexual morality, particularly regarding homosexual activity among the clergy.... read more

Does This Document Prove Wuerl Knew About McCarrick?

Is it possible that then-Bishop Wuerl was informed about a settlement involving one of his priests, but was not told about allegations against McCarrick? Joan Desmond Blog, Oct. 1, 2018 In 2005, three New Jersey dioceses approved an $80,000 settlement resulting from allegations of sexual... read more

Some Bishops Need to Lose Their Lives to Find Them

By Nicholas Senz, September 26, 2018 To say one thing and mean its opposite is a special skill of the politician. No other creature is as practiced at leaving a certain impression without actually having said anything, and leaving plenty of room for deniability – and, of course, the kind of... read more

Rome Failed on McCarrick – and Needs to Change

By Fr. Timothy V. Vaverek, September 20, 2018 Representatives of the American bishops have now met with Pope Francis to discuss the much-needed investigation of the McCarrick Affair. This is understandable since any process involving the ex-cardinal and other prelates requires papal permission.... read more

All Roads Lead to Washington, D.C.

For those interested in the latest news, we bring you our summary: By Kenneth J. Wolfe, September 13, 2018 1) Bishop Michael Bransfield resigned and the resignation was accepted.  Bransfield served for 24 years at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in... read more

Some Action – Maybe – Starts Today

By Stephen White, September 13, 2018 A delegation from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops will meet with Pope Francis today in the Vatican. Leading the delegation will be Cardinal DiNardo, the Archbishop of Galveston-Houston and president of the USCCB. He will be joined by the... read more

Catholic Cold War Turns Hot

By ROD DREHER • August 27, 2018, One of the enduring mysteries of the contemporary Catholic Church is why so many priests know about practicing homosexuals in the priesthood, but don’t do anything about it. An egregious example comes to mind from when I lived in New York City under Cardinal... read more

If the US Bishops Don’t Fear God, They Should Fear the Government 

BY THOMAS PETERS, SEPTEMBER 3, 2018 We learned something important in the past week: Pope Francis has no intention of coming clean. Like the short tale of Hans Christian Andersen, in the past week since Archbishop Vigano’s letter was made public, Pope Francis supporters and the media have... read more

Seminarians Served as McCarrick Aides During Abuse Investigation

And the disgraced archbishop lived in a house located directly adjacent to the seminary of the Institute of the Incarnate Word, from 2011 until 2017. By Ed Condon/CNA, Aug. 30, 2018 WASHINGTON — The Archdiocese of Washington has confirmed that seminarians were permitted to serve as... read more

Why Wuerl Is Lying