Cardinal Pietro Parolin

Cardinal Parolin: I am sad to see the loss of faith and reason in Europe

By Courtney Mares, Catholic News Agency, April 6, 2021 The Vatican Secretary of State said in an interview this week that euthanasia and abortion laws in Europe represent not only a loss of faith but also a loss of reason. “I am very sorry for the loss of faith in our Europe, in our... read more

Torzi talks: Threats, blackmail, and prostitutes feature in UK court ruling on Vatican finance

The Pillar, March 24, 2021 What happenedA UK judge has lifted a court order against Gianluigi Torzi, the businessman arrested in the Vatican in 2020 and charged with extortion, money laundering, fraud, and embezzlement in connection with the Vatican’s purchase of a London property. The... read more

The Vatican-China Agreement: When the Music Stops

Pope Francis has made a bad deal with the Chinese government. The agreement reached with mainland authorities is not helping Catholics and other Christians as much as even its architects’ attenuated hopes warranted. It has hamstrung the Church and muted her moral witness at a crucial time. By... read more

A Second Look into the McCarrick Report

By Fr. Gerald E. Murray, November 21, 2020 The publication of the McCarrick Report [1] was a welcome step by the Holy See. It answers some questions raised by the appallingly successful ecclesiastical career of a now-defrocked cardinal, long known by many to be a sexual predator who used his... read more

Exiled Chinese Catholic Journalist: Chinese Believers Need Help!

Responding to Cardinal Parolin’s recent comments that appeared to downplay the existence of Christian persecution, Dalù says persecution is actually too gentle of a term for the dire current situation in China. By Bree A. Dail, November 17, 2020 A journalist, whistleblower and political... read more

Cardinal Parolin to EU bishops: Protect life from conception to natural death

By Courtney Mares, CNA Staff, November 3, 2020 Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin has encouraged bishops in Europe to evaluate legislative proposals in light of the transcendent dignity of every human person, and to protect life from conception until natural death. “The... read more

Vatican orders founder to leave ecumenical community

Catholic News Agency, May 28, 2020 The Vatican has ordered the prominent Italian Catholic layman Enzo Bianchi to leave the monastery he founded in 1965. The Holy See made the ruling in a decree dated May 13, signed by Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin and approved by Pope... read more

Rome’s Shame in China

By Robert Royal, January 13, 2020 China is a large, strange, complex, contradictory thing, even before you get to the large, strange, complex, contradictory, and murderous form of Communism that has come to dominate its various peoples. No one understands it very well. But those closest with a... read more
Cardinal Zen

Cardinal Zen: ‘Parolin is manipulating the Holy Father’ on China deal

Catholic News Agency, December 4, 2019 Cardinal Joseph Zen, former bishop of Hong Kong, has renewed his criticism of the Vatican-China deal, warning that he thinks Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin is exercising undue influence in advising Pope Francis. “Now I’m sorry to... read more

Cdl. Zen warns Pope Francis that Vatican directives for China church may lead to ‘death of true faith’

By Bree A. Dail HONG KONG, July 5, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – The Bishop Emeritus of Hong Kong has spoken out forcefully against the Vatican’s newest “pastoral document” for the Chinese Church which gives reasons for why priests should register with the communist government. Cardinal Joseph... read more

This Year’s Vatican-China Agreement Causes Widespread Consternation

Cardinal Joseph Zen says Pope Francis is being “deceived by his collaborators” and a “miracle” is needed, while Cardinal Pietro Parolin says an “act of faith” is required to make the deal work. Edward Pentin Blog, December 21. 2018 VATICAN CITY — Among several Vatican stories... read more