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A Fine Time to Be a Catholic

By Robert R. Reilly, Crisis, April 30, 2021 As the late, great Fr. James Schall reminded us, “St. Thomas Aquinas teaches that the greatest service that we can offer our neighbor is to know the truth, to speak the truth.” Austin Ruse offers this greatest service in his new book, Under... read more

Once Upon a Time, in America

By Anthony Esolen, Crisis, April 10, 2021 Pictures come to mind when I think of the Lonely Revolution – that deterioration of the principles governing sexual behavior in the ruins of the Christian West. One is of my father and my mother, before they were married, and of my father’s... read more

Biden and Abortion: His Devastating ‘D-Day’

COMMENTARY: June 6, 2019, marked a fateful turn in Biden’s long drift away from his Church’s opposition to abortion. By Paul Kengor, National Catholic Register, January 5, 2021 The day was a Thursday, June 6, 2019. It was the 75th anniversary of D-Day. And for Joe Biden, it seems in... read more

Bishop Schneider on Covid Vaccines: ‘The Ends Cannot Justify the Means’

On the moral illicitness of the use of vaccinesmade from cells derived from aborted human fetuses In recent weeks, news agencies and various information sources have reported that, in response to the Covid-19 emergency, some countries have produced vaccines using cell lines from aborted human... read more

Book Review: The Holy Bread of Eternal Life: Restoring Eucharistic Reverence in an Age of Impiety

[Author, speaker, LifeSite News contributor Dr. Peter Kwasniewski Spoke at our June 14, 2019 Forum Luncheon on “Of What Use Is a Changing Catechism?”] By Dan Millette, One Peter Five, November 24, 2020 I feel compelled to provide some context before beginning. Last week my family and... read more

Franciscan Friars of the Renewal co-founder among Chicago’s new auxiliary bishops

Fr. Lombardo was our featured Monthy Forum Speaker in February 2010, speaking on "The Founding of the Mission and Serving the Poor." and again In May 2017, speaking on "Renew my Chuch."" By Hannah Brockhaus, Catholic News Agency, September 11. 2020 Pope Francis Friday appointed three... read more