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White House: Pope Francis Has Said There’s a ‘Moral Obligation’ to Get Vaccinated

President Biden called the effort to provide vaccinations “an example of America at its finest,” and added that “they're all meeting what Pope Francis calls the moral obligation, get vaccinated, something which he went on to say can save your life and the lives of others.” By Matt... read more

Catholic teaching on Communion applies to politicians who support abortion, too, Bishop Olmsted says

Catholic News Agency, Phoenix, Ariz., April 6, 2021 Catholic teaching sees the Eucharist as Christ’s transformative sacrifice on the cross and this Holy Communion must only be received worthily. This teaching is not partisan, but it certainly applies to political leaders who back abortion and... read more

Will at-home abortions make Roe v. Wade obsolete?

Pressure mounts on Biden to approve telemedicine for the use of abortion pills. By Alice Miranda Ollstein and Darius That, Politico, March 21, 2021 The battle over abortion rights has a dramatic new front: the fight over whether the Biden administration will make pills available... read more

Biden Signs Executive Order Allowing the U.S. to Fund Global Abortions

By Alexandra Desanctis, National Review, January 28, 202 President Biden signed an executive order Thursday afternoon reversing the Mexico City policy, permitting U.S. aid money once again to fund groups that provide or promote abortion around the globe. The policy was first put in place by... read more

Biden Aims to Restore Planned Parenthood’s Title X Funding

By Alexandra Desanctis, National Review, March 22, 202 The Biden administration will undo the ‘Protect Life’ rule, which prevents abortion providers from obtaining federal money through the Title X family-planning program. When Senate Democrats voted last week to confirm Xavier Becerra... read more

Xavier Becerra Confirmation Shows Joe Biden is No “Devout” Catholic; Joe Manchin, Bob Casey Aren’t Pro-Life

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeSite News, March 19, 2021 Pro-life leaders expressed disappointment and outrage for the future of mothers and unborn babies after the U.S. Senate narrowly confirmed pro-abortion extremist Xavier Becerra to lead the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Becerra,... read more

Dan Fagan: Murkowski was denied communion over her stand on abortion

By Dan Fagan,, March 10, 2021 On Monday of this week, a man identifying himself as Ken called my radio talk show claiming Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski was denied communion by a Catholic priest because of her support for abortion. The caller said the Anchorage Archdiocese was... read more

The Biden Administration Pushed 24 Pro-LGBTQ+ Actions in its First 50 Days

LGBTQ+ groups hope to hold Biden accountable by continuing to push the administration toward its equality goals. BY Nico Lang, Them, March 12, 2021 When Joe Biden campaigned for president in 2020, he vowed to give LGBTQ+ people a “partner in the White House” following four years of... read more

After Vatican Says Same-Sex Unions Cannot be Blessed, White House Reaffirms Biden’s Support for Them

When asked by a reporter on Monday if the president had a response to the Vatican’s statement, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said he had no “personal response” but reaffirmed the president’s long-standing support for same-sex unions. National Catholic Register, March 15,... read more

Joe Biden Collides with Catholic Bishops over Equality Act

President Joe Biden urged Congress Friday to “swiftly pass” the Equality Act, setting him squarely on a collision course with the U.S. Catholic Bishops. “Full equality has been denied to LGBTQ+ Americans and their families for far too long,” Biden said in a statement. “Despite the... read more

WATCH: Priest unloads on pro-abortion Catholics in recorded sermon

'God's the author of life, we have no right to mess with that life' Fr. David McLoone, February 12, 2021 BUCKEYE, Arizona, February 12, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) – A Catholic parish priest in Arizona delivered a blistering homily against abortion to his parishioners on Sunday, telling them “if... read more