Catholic Schools

The Bigotry of Blaine No More

U.S. Supreme Court paves the way for parental choice for their children’s education. By Jeanne Allen, National Catholic Register,July 2, 2020 “And the prohibition before us today burdens not only religious schools but also the families whose children attend or hope to attend them.” —... read more

Catholic Schools and the Common Good

By Stephen P. White, The Catholic Thing, May 28, 2020 A minor kerfuffle erupted earlier this month when Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York made the unforgivable mistake of saying complimentary things about the president of the United States. The occasion for this crime was a group phone call... read more

Religious Liberty: Trump DOJ Defends Catholic School in State Court

By J. Christian Adams, March 8, 2020 Unlike Eric Holder’s Justice Department, the Trump administration is on the forefront of defending First Amendment religious liberty. This Tuesday, Justice Department Civil Rights Division lawyers appeared in an Indiana state court to defend the religious... read more

Why Boys Are Failing

By Anthony Esolen, Crisis, February 24, 2020 When he was 13 years old, a mere boy was effectively the American ambassador to Russia, in Saint Petersburg. This was because the lad was fluent in French while his nominal superior, the ambassador himself, was not. The boy had already, at his... read more

The Supreme Court Is Poised to Deliver a Victory to School Choice Advocates

By Mark Movsesian, Public Discourse, February 4, 2020, The US Supreme Court seems likely to rule in a way school-choice advocates will welcome. The Court will likely overrule the Montana court and hold a ban on scholarships for students at religiously affiliated schools unconstitutional—an... read more

This Catholic school ‘does not have a position on abortion.’ How is it Catholic?

School officials completely refuse to say By Briana Kraemer, The College Fix, January 28, 2020 A Catholic college in Ontario, Canada is refusing to defend its Catholic character after a campus political controversy led the school to claim that it takes no position on the matter of... read more
Priests of the Society of St. Pius X. Father Patrick Rutledge, the parish rector, is on the left.

The Christian Withdrawal Experiment

Feeling out of step with the mores of contemporary life, members of a conservative-Catholic group have built a thriving community in rural Kansas. Could their flight from mainstream society be a harbinger for the nation? By Emma Green, Atlantic, December 31, 2019 Half an hour down the... read more

Vatican erred in suspending US archbishop’s decision to strip ‘Catholic’ label from pro-gay school

By Thomas J. McKenna, LifeSiteNews, November 1, 2019 When noble minds assess the many contributions of the Catholic Church to human culture through the ages, they will undoubtedly view the remarkable clarity of its teaching about the laws of nature and nature’s God as a singular... read more

We Are Losing Young Catholics

Our culture has rapidly fallen into that “age of infidelity” that Saint John Henry Newman predicted, and too many Catholic institutions have been complicit in the slide from faith and tradition. By Patrick J. Reilly, National Catholic Register, October 25, 2019 A new study by the Pew... read more
Archbishop Charles Thompson

Indianapolis Archdiocese Faces Third Discrimination Complaint

The archdiocese defended its decision not to renew the contract of a school employee who publicly defended the same-sex ‘marriages’ of two former colleagues. By Mary Farrow, CNA, October 30, 2019 INDIANAPOLIS — The Archdiocese of Indianapolis on Wednesday defended its decision not to... read more

New Academy Offers One-of-a-Kind Tools for the Trades

Training young men in machines, technology and the humanities. Joan Frawley Desmond, September 16, 2019 Brian Black is the president and co-founder of Harmel Academy, a residential Catholic trade school for men that will open in the fall of 2020 on the campus of Kuyper College, in Grand... read more
Brebeuf Jesuit Prep's varsity football team at an Aug. 16 game (Michael Hoffbauer Photography)

Brebeuf athletes excluded from some Catholic events as Jesuits appeal decree