Catholic Schools

Catholic schools must restore America’s faith in the Real Presence

BY PATRICK J. REILLY, AUGUST 26, 2019 “He is truly there in the Eucharist,” says Amelia Shripka. The 8th-grader at Everest Collegiate High School and Academy in Clarkston, Michigan takes delight in the Eucharistic procession that her school holds every year. It’s a “great time to... read more
Brebeuf Jesuit Prep's varsity football team at an Aug. 16 game (Michael Hoffbauer Photography)

Brebeuf athletes excluded from some Catholic events as Jesuits appeal decree

by Catherine M. Odell People, National Catholic Reporter, August 27, 2019 INDIANAPOLIS — Catholic high school students, teachers and staff returned to school here amid a quiet tension mixed with the usual back-to-school chatter and excitement. Over the summer, Archbishop Charles Thompson... read more

Maryland boots school from voucher program, demands $100K for supporting marriage

August 6, 2019 (Daily Signal) — When the state of Maryland found out that Bethel Christian Academy affirms the biblical view of marriage in its student handbook, officials last fall cut the Baltimore-area school from a state-sponsored school voucher program, arguing it practiced sexual... read more

Brebeuf Jesuit appeals split with Catholic Church, barred from holding all-school Mass

By Arika Herron, Indianapolis Star, Aug. 5, 2019 A decree is expected Friday stating that the Archbishop will no longer formally recognize Brebeuf as a Catholic school in the Archdiocese. Grace Hollars, Indianapolis Star The Indianapolis high school stripped of its Catholic identity over... read more

Chicago Archdiocese pledged $150 million for a scholarship trust. Six years later, it holds less than a third of the money.

By DAVID HEINZMANN, CHICAGO TRIBUNE, JUL 25, 2019 Chicago Archdiocese pledged $150 million for a scholarship trust. Six years later, it holds less than a third of the money. As Cardinal Francis George faced a growing financial crisis in 2013, he asked Chicago Catholics for hundreds of... read more

Who Will Defend Catholic Education?

Catholic education is the Church’s most important means of evangelization. Is every Catholic educator and bishop prepared to defend it? Patrick Reilly Blog, July 25, 2019 Recent lawsuits by teachers fired from Catholic schools are part of a growing threat to Catholic education. Our schools... read more

Why ‘classical’ charter schools can’t replace Catholic education

Catholic education, if faithful to its mission, is in a unique and powerful position to serve our youth and lead them to fulfilling lives of joy and meaning. Secular schools will always fall short. May 22, 2019 Dr. Daniel Guernsey, May 22, 2019   As principal of a “classical”... read more

How top Catholic leaders betrayed parents and children by promoting sex ed

CCI Editors Note: This is an extremely important article and warning to Catholic parents about the sex education programs promoted by the Bishops of England. Please follow the link at the bottom for the complete article and end notes. By Tom Rogers April 15, 2019 (Calx Mariae) — Sacred... read more

A Religious Upbringing Greatly Helps Adolescents

A Harvard study finds that actively religious parents have a lasting, positive effect. By Arthur Goldberg,, March 26, 2019 Harvard’s School of Public Health recently published important research by Tyler J. VanderWeele and Ying Chen which evidences the positive role played... read more

Archbishop Responds to Uproar Over Child with Gay Parents

By Deacon Kendra, The Leaven, March 19, 2019 You probably caught this story last week. Now, Archishop Joseph Naumann of Kansas City, Kansas, has responded, through a column in his diocesan newspaper: The decision not to admit the child of a non-Catholic same-sex couple to St. Ann... read more

Kansas archdiocese responds after denying school admission to child of same sex-couple

'Our schools exist to pass on the Catholic faith,' the archdiocese said By Catholic News Agency, March 11, 2019A K-8 Catholic school in Kansas is defending its decision to deny admission to a kindergarten student who is the child of a same-sex couple, citing archdiocesan admissions... read more