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Cancel Culture: Our renowned health book suddenly banned by Amazon – after 3½ years of successful sales.

The Health Hazards of Homosexuality – endorsed by prominent physicians – suddenly deemed “offensive.” Used around the world for hard-to-find accurate information. Wait till you see what Amazon does NOT consider offensive!MassResistance.Org, August 22, 2020 The book-burning... read more
Lila Rose, founder of Live Action, the organization whose Pinterest account was suspended June 2019.

Pinterest suspends pro-life group’s account, citing ‘health misinformation’

By Jonah McKeown, CNA, June 13, 2019 Pinterest, a social media site with 300 million active users, has banned pro-life activist group Live Action from its platform, just days after a whistleblower revealed documents that purport to show active suppression of pro-life and Christian content by... read more

‘Ideological Enforcement:’ Twitter Blocks Heritage Foundation Director Over Trans Sports Tweet

Twitter Branded His Commonsense Message ‘Hateful Conduct' By Tyler O'Neil, PJ Media, May 17, 2019 On Wednesday, Twitter suspended the account of Greg Scott, director of media at The Heritage Foundation. Scott had tweeted out an article about a male who identifies as a woman... read more