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Analysis: The Art of China’s Vatican Deal

What, then, could the Vatican hope to achieve by extending a deal which has yielded no results? Ed Condon/CNA WASHINGTON —Next month, the 2018 Vatican-China deal expires. Those close to the negotiations, both in Rome and in Beijing, now confidently predict a one-year extension to the... read more

Catholic historian: If Cdl. Zen rightly criticizes Vatican Ostpolitik, why not ‘catastrophic’ Vatican II?

‘The Ostpolitik that Cardinal Zen criticizes, is, in fact, fruit of the Second Vatican Council. This is historical evidence that does not admit denials.’ By Roberto de Mattei August 21, 2020 (Rorate Caeli) — Cardinal Joseph Zen Ze-kiun is an eminent prelate who sincerely loves his... read more

Pope Francis’s Silence on Xinjiang Speaks Volumes

By Benedict Rogers, foreign Policy, July 29, 2020 A pope dedicated to human rights has said nothing on China, thanks to a secret deal with Beijing. This month, the president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews wrote a most courageous letter to the Chinese ambassador in... read more

China Suspected of Hacking the Vatican Ahead of Negotiations

Researchers said that the network intrusions took place ahead of talks to renew a “provisional agreement” between the Holy See and China, which was sealed in 2018 and expires in September. Catholic News Agency, July 29,2020 VATICAN CITY — State-sponsored hackers have reportedly... read more

Chinese oppression ‘worse than US reported

'Christians want international community to pay attention to China's religious and human rights situation UCA News reporter, China, May 5, 2020 Chinese Christians have welcomed a damning US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) report but said religious oppression in China... read more

China, churches to remain closed throughout May, all Marian pilgrimages canceled

By Zhen Li,, April 28, 2020 The Patriotic Association and the Council of Chinese Bishops give the order to "suspend" the reopening of the churches; "Suspend" all pilgrimage activities; "Postpone" the reopening of schools in religious institutes and seminaries. To combat the... read more

Vatican snubs Taiwan but thanks Communist China for medical supplies

The Holy See praised the Chinese government while ignoring a gift of 280K medical masks from the Taiwanese people By Doug Mainwaring, LifeSite News, April 17, 2020 EST Although both Communist China and Taiwan have donated much-needed medical supplies to the Vatican as the coronavirus has... read more

Catholic Schools, Kindergartens Shut Down in Hebei Province

To stifle faith in the cradle, the CCP bans church-run education of children, implements measures to prevent minors from having any contacts with churches. By Yang Xiangwen,, April 8, 2020 The Chinese government doesn’t tolerate church-established schools, because it... read more


By George Weigel, First Things, March 11, 2020Perseverance on a difficult but noble path is a virtue. Stubbornness when confronted by irrefutable evidence of a grave mistake is a vice. The latter would seem an apt characterization of a letter sent on Ash Wednesday to the entire College of... read more

China closes places of worship in effort to contain

By Michael Sainsbury, Catholic News Service, February 25, 2020 YANGON, Myanmar -- The Chinese government has temporarily closed all of the country's places of worship in an effort to contain the COVID-19 respiratory coronavirus that has now killed almost 3,000 people, with more than 80,000... read more

Cardinal Zen: Vatican Is ‘Giving Everything’ to China’s Communists

By Thomas D. Williams, PhD., Febraury 16, 2020 ROME — Cardinal Joseph Zen said this week that the Vatican seeks compromise with China’s Communist Party (CCP), but they want “complete surrender.” Zen — the former bishop of Hong Kong — has been a vocal critic of the Vatican’s... read more
Traditional Chinese funeral

China bans Christian funerals as new rules take effect

Rome’s Shame in China