Chinese Underground Church

Traditional Chinese funeral

China bans Christian funerals as new rules take effect

Regulations aim to end bad customs and establish scientific, civilized and economical funerals By UCA News reporter, February 3, 2020 Christian funerals have been banned in some areas of China as the communist government begins to enforce a set of repressive regulations on religious... read more

Mindong’s Msgr. Guo evicted from the curia: he will sleep on the street. Several priests and elderly also made homeless (Video)

by Bernardo Cervellera, Aisia News, January 16, 2020 At least five parishes have been closed, with electricity and water supplies cut off. These include Fuan, Saiqi and Suanfeng. "Fire safety" measures given as a justification, an excuse for persecution. Some priests have been kicked out. A... read more

Report: ‘Intense’ spike in Christian persecution after China’s secret deal with Vatican

New Telegraph, January 12, 2020 Chinese authorities subjected Catholic believers in China to increased persecution by demolishing churches, removing crosses, and continuing to detain underground clergy.’ Religious persecution in China has increased rapidly over the past year, according to... read more

New administrative measures for religious groups: total submission to the Chinese Communist Party ​

The new measures will be implemented starting from February 1, 2020. Activities, rallies, programs of religious communities must have the approval of the Religious Affairs Office. Religious organizations must "spread the principles and policies of the Chinese Communist Party" by educating... read more
Cardinal Zen

Cardinal Zen: ‘Parolin is manipulating the Holy Father’ on China deal

Catholic News Agency, December 4, 2019 Cardinal Joseph Zen, former bishop of Hong Kong, has renewed his criticism of the Vatican-China deal, warning that he thinks Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin is exercising undue influence in advising Pope Francis. “Now I’m sorry to... read more
Bishop Vincent Guo Xijin

Faithful Chinese bishop on the run from communists highlights Vatican/China deal disaster

By Steven Mosher, LifeSite News, November 29, 2019 Bishop Vincent Guo was supposed to be the poster child of a successful rapprochement between the Vatican and China, as well as a sign that the longstanding rift between the Underground Catholic church and its state-run counterpart had been... read more
Msgr. Vincenzo Guo Xijin

Mindong, Msgr. Guo Xijin hounded by police to submit to the “independent Church”

by Bernardo Cervellera,, November 13, 2019 For five days he has been under the supervision of public security personnel, under pressure. The Party wants to force him to attend a meeting of the "independent" clergy of Fujian. A member of Mindong: Pray for him, because he is very... read more

Chinese Catholics barricade themselves in church to prevent demolition

Beijing, China, Nov 1, 2019 / 09:07 am (CNA).- Priests and parishioners have barricaded themselves in a Catholic church in the Chinese province of Hebei. According to reports, the Catholics are attempting to prevent the Chinese government from tearing down the Church. The protest began at 6am... read more

Chinese Totalitarianism and Catholic Witness

By Thomas Farr, September 21, 2019 “The current assault on religion in China under President Xi Jinping is the most comprehensive attempt to manipulate and control religious communities since the Cultural Revolution.” Or so I argued in congressional testimony [1] last fall. Part of Xi’s... read more

Chinese state intensifies control over ‘official’ religions

Official paper insists religious groups must toe the party line and practice core socialist values UCANews, September 12, 2019 A leading academic in Hong Kong says the Chinese government is attempting to tighten even further its control over religious groups. Professor Ying Fuk-tsang,... read more

Catholics in fear as Chinese authorities ban religious education

Church leaders forced to scrap summer camps, disguise bible classes to avoid recriminations Catholics in fear as Chinese authorities ban religious education UCANews, August 6, 2019 Communist authorities in mainland China are exerting a clampdown on Christian activities in the country,... read more
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Vatican issues guidelines on clergy registration in Communist China

Protesters gather again to rally outside the Legislative Council government offices against a controversial extradition bill in Hong Kong, June 17, 2019. Credit: Isaac Lawrence/AFP/Getty Images.

Hong Kong extradition bill could further endanger Christians, advocates say