Chinese Underground Church

Chinese state intensifies control over ‘official’ religions

Official paper insists religious groups must toe the party line and practice core socialist values UCANews, September 12, 2019 A leading academic in Hong Kong says the Chinese government is attempting to tighten even further its control over religious groups. Professor Ying Fuk-tsang,... read more

Catholics in fear as Chinese authorities ban religious education

Church leaders forced to scrap summer camps, disguise bible classes to avoid recriminations Catholics in fear as Chinese authorities ban religious education UCANews, August 6, 2019 Communist authorities in mainland China are exerting a clampdown on Christian activities in the country,... read more
(Credit: Thomas Peter,/Reuters via CNS.)

Vatican issues guidelines on clergy registration in Communist China

By Charles Collins, Crux, June 28, 2019 In a new chapter in its relations with the Chinese government, the Vatican has issued guidelines for how bishops and priests in China can register with civil authorities while urging that “no intimidatory pressures” be put on underground Catholics in... read more
Protesters gather again to rally outside the Legislative Council government offices against a controversial extradition bill in Hong Kong, June 17, 2019. Credit: Isaac Lawrence/AFP/Getty Images.

Hong Kong extradition bill could further endanger Christians, advocates say

CNA, June 17, 2019 Though a proposed change to extradition laws in Hong Kong is on hold for now, Christian leaders and advocacy groups are continuing to speak out, warning that under the proposal those in Hong Kong who support Chinese Christians could be unjustly brought to mainland China for... read more

Handan, Shen Liu church demolition begins. The destruction of 23 more churches is scheduled

by Peter Zhao,, May 7, 2019 The government wants to demolish the church because it is "too visible from the highway". It also says that there are no building permits. But the faithful say this is false. The Communist Party changes attitudes "like the moon": first it gives the... read more

Fengxiang, 200 faithful in standoff with 600 policemen who want to destroy the Marian shrine of Mujiaping

by Bernardo Cervellera Since yesterday evening the faithful have been holding a sit-in to protect the sanctuary, located in the district of Taibai, a very poor mountainous area. The authorities want the whole diocese to join the Patriotic Association. The faithful ask all Christians to pray for... read more

Reading the Data and Preparing for Exile

By Elizabeth Scalia, WordOnFireBlog, March 14, 2019 “The Father and I are one.” The Jews again picked up rocks to stone him. – (John 10:30-31) One day at Mass, a favorite priest remarked on the whole of John 10:30-42. I took notes, but still am paraphrasing a little: “I think the... read more

Chinese Official Vows to Eliminate Christianity in China

By Amanda Casanova | ChristianHeadlines Contributing Writer | March 13, 2019 A Chinese official says the country is vowing to eliminate Christianity in China, according to The Christian Post. Xu Xiaohong, head of the National Committee of the Three-Self Patriotic Movement of the Protestant... read more

Pope Francis’s Socialist Agenda

By William Kilpatrick, March 11, 2019 Watching Bernie Sanders’s speech announcing his candidacy for president, it struck me that—except for the part about a woman’s right to choose—Pope Francis would have found himself in agreement with just about every item on the aging socialist... read more
Ambassador Brownback

US religious freedom ambassador dismisses pope’s China accord, blasts communist assault on Catholics

By Martin Barillas, LifeSiteNews, March 8, 2019 U.S. ambassador Sam Brownback said on Friday that China’s persecution of Catholic citizens continues despite a deal Pope Francis reached with the communist government. “Since this provisional deal was announced last year the Chinese... read more

Crusading Hong Kong Cardinal Receives US Award for Pro- Religious Freedom, Anti-Chinese Communist, Activism

US NEWS By Matthew Vadum, Epic Times, January 30, 2019 Crusading Hong Kong Cardinal Receives US Award for Pro-Religious Freedom, Anti-Chinese Communist, Activism  WASHINGTON—Honoring years of campaigning against Chinese Communist repression of religious freedom, the Washington-based... read more