OPINION Bishop Schneider: Deception via hairsplitting – civil ‘union’ vs ‘cohabitation’

OPINION By Bishop Schneider Every normal-thinking person understands the expression that the Pope uses here as a form of a cohabitation legally recognized by the state, as a stable cohabitation ('Convivencia') of a homosexual couple, and thus as a legal recognition of the homosexual... read more

Study: Cohabiting Relationships Are Less Stable Than Marriage

New survey finds married couples had more confidence in the lasting quality of their relationships than those who were living together. Catholic News Agency, March 18, 2019 WASHINGTON — A new study found that in 11 countries across the globe, cohabiting couples have more doubts about their... read more

Bishop’s Blog / Glorious Chastity – One Bishop’s Reflection

By Bishop Joseph Strickland, February 14, 2019 In the year 2019, we live in a world that’s off kilter. One of the deepest roots of the present chaos is the lack of willingness to embrace Glorious Chastity. I specifically use the word “glorious” because I believe it is God’s plan that... read more

How Cohabitation Traps People Into Using Each Other

Practical and enlightened as they are, most people care more about finding love than finding a good deal, and marriage beats cohabitation hands down. By Auguste Meyrat, January 28, 2019 According to Lyman Stone at the American Enterprise Institute, America has been experiencing a severe... read more