Abortion foes to challenge ‘culturally responsive’ teaching standards

By Peter Hancock, Capitol News Illinois, May 26, 2021 The leader of one of the state’s largest anti-abortion group told a legislative committee Tuesday that the group intends to file a legal challenge against the state’s new “culturally responsive teaching and leading... read more

Biden Overturns Trump Rule Protecting Doctors From Being Forced to Kill Babies in Abortions

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews, May 10, 2021 In June 2020, President Donald Trump issued a pro-life rule that will protect pro-life Americans and help save babies from abortion. His administration implemented a rule to block the effects of a dangerous Obamacare provision that could be used to... read more

Equality Act trashes truth and crushes conscience

Equality Act trashes truth and crushes conscienceBy Robert G. Marshall ( bio - articles - email ) | Mar 31, 2021 President Joe Biden and Speaker Nancy Pelosi want doctors and health care establishments to perform abortions and sex change operations, provide puberty blockers for minors, and... read more

States Push Back on Biden’s Agenda

New Bills on Conscience Rights, Women in Sports, and Abortion Restrictions WASHINGTON — Many states are pushing back strongly through legislation, in order to resist President Biden’s agenda regarding transgender policies, conscience rights and abortion. As the Biden administration backs... read more

Justice Department sues Vermont medical center over abortion

By Wilson Ring, AP, December 17, 2020 The U.S. Justice Department filed a civil lawsuit Wednesday against the University of Vermont Medical Center alleging it forces staff members who object to abortion on religious grounds to participate in abortion procedures. The Vermont lawsuit alleges... read more

Young doctor explains why he’s against forced COVID-19 vaccine

Dr. Leland Stillman decried the 'political theater' surrounding the coronavirus, which he noted ‘is not nearly as virulent or deadly as it was made out to be originally.’ By Martin Bürger RICHMOND, Virginia, September 10, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – A COVID-19 vaccine should not be... read more

Kentucky Photographer Wins Right to Refuse Service to Same-Sex Couples

By Tom Ozimek, Epoch Times, August 15, 2020 A federal judge in Kentucky has blocked the city of Louisville from enforcing an anti-discrimination law against a Christian wedding photographer, allowing her to refuse to work same-sex weddings on grounds that her work is an expression of free... read more

Biden says nuns inspire him to run, plans to sue Little Sisters of the Poor

Catholic News agency, August 13, 2020 Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden has released a campaign video in which he credits his Catholic faith, Pope Francis, and the example of nuns for his personal inspiration. The short video was released August 9 on the Democratic National... read more

Biden Says He Would Rescind Exemption for Little Sisters of the Poor

By John McCormimack, National Review, July 9, 2020 Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden issued a statement Wednesday evening in which he said he is “disappointed in today’s U.S. Supreme Court decision” in the case Little Sisters of the Poor v. Pennsylvania. “I will... read more

Supreme Court Upholds Trump’s Order Protecting Little Sisters From Funding Abortions

Steven Ertelt, LifeNews, July 8, 2020 | The Supreme Court issued a ruling today upholding a pro-life order from President Donald Trump that protected the Little Sisters of the Poor from being force to pay for abortion-causing drugs under their health insurance plan. Abortion advocates have... read more

Religious Liberty: Trump DOJ Defends Catholic School in State Court

By J. Christian Adams, March 8, 2020 Unlike Eric Holder’s Justice Department, the Trump administration is on the forefront of defending First Amendment religious liberty. This Tuesday, Justice Department Civil Rights Division lawyers appeared in an Indiana state court to defend the religious... read more
Attorney General Dana Nessel of Michigan (left) with her "wife."

Michigan attorney general using secretive ‘hate crime unit’ to harass pro-marriage group

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