Culture of Death

Infanticide Hearing Witness Says Hospital Created ‘Comfort Room’ Where Aborted Babies Die

Mary Margaret Olohan, Daily Signal, September 11, 2019 Nurse Jill Stanek alleges that Christ Hospital offered “comfort care” to babies who were born alive during abortions, because these babies often survived for at least two hours after they were born. (Photo: Getty Images) Christ... read more

Court Rules President Trump Can Defund Planned Parenthood, Will Cut $60 Million in Taxpayer Funding

By Steven Ertelt, lifeNews, August 17, 2019 A federal court has once again ruled the Trump administration can partially defund planned Parenthood while the abortion business’ lawsuit against his administration’s new rules moves forward. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals late Friday... read more
Walter Denton prays as the sun rises in his backyard in Agat, Guam, Saturday, May 11, 2019.

Guam’s ex-archbishop shielded culture of clergy sex abuse

By Michael Biesecker, AP, August 9, 2019 Walter Denton wanted to grow up to be just like Father Tony Apuron, until the night he says the parish priest raped him in a church rectory. The pastor sent the sobbing 13-year-old altar boy away with a warning: “If you say anything to anybody, no one... read more

Those who blame mass shootings on politics are missing the point

By Bill Donohue, Catholic League, August 7, 2019 As a sociologist who has taught Criminology and written about mass shootings, it is distressing to listen to all the chatter about Republicans and Democrats being blamed for the mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton. Most of the talk is pure... read more

Don’t Blame the Gun, Your Eminence

BY PATRICK NOVECOSKY, AUGUST 7, 2019 Nobody blamed the truck when 29-year-old Uzbek national Sayfullo Saipov rented a pickup from Home Depot 18 months ago and deliberately mowed down a dozen pedestrians and bicyclists in New York City, killing eight. There was no lobbying for background checks... read more

N.J. bishop calls assisted suicide law an “utter failure” of government to protect the vulnerable

By Zelda Caldwell, Aletia, August 01, 2019 The elderly and those with disabilities could feel pressure to end their own lives, he said. New Jersey’s new law which legalizes assisted suicide amounts to an “utter failure of government” to care for the vulnerable, said Bishop James E.... read more

Dangerous Unlicensed Abortion Clinic Opens Thanks to Presidential Candidate Pete Buttigieg

By Micaih Bilger, LifeSite News, August 6, 2019 An unlicensed abortion clinic is now operating in South Bend, Indiana, with the approval of pro-abortion presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg. The Chicago Tribune reports Whole Woman’s Health of South Bend began doing abortions on June 27... read more

Archbishop Chaput: Look deeper than symptoms to solve mass violence

By Christine Rousselle, Catholic News Agency, August 6, 2019 Gun control laws alone will not stop mass shootings effectively, Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia, said in a column written in response to the recent shootings in Gilroy, Calif., El Paso, and Dayton, Ohio. Chaput belives... read more