Culture of Life

Once Upon a Time, in America

By Anthony Esolen, Crisis, April 10, 2021 Pictures come to mind when I think of the Lonely Revolution – that deterioration of the principles governing sexual behavior in the ruins of the Christian West. One is of my father and my mother, before they were married, and of my father’s... read more

Research on human embryos in an artificial womb? Why recent experiments have ethicists concerned

Catholic News Agency, March 25, 2021 After scientists successfully grew mouse embryos in an artificial uterus, ethicists are warning against any future extension of the experiments to human embryos. Scientists working at an Israeli research institution recently sustained mouse embryos in an... read more

Archbishop Chaput’s New Book Addresses Man’s Greatest Spiritual Poverty: Not Knowing How to Die

If we do not have a clear idea of our final end, then we will not know how to begin living. By Father Paul Scalia, National Cathpolic Register, March 13, 2021 Things Worth Dying For: Thoughts on a Life Worth Living By Charles J. Chaput “On your walls, Jerusalem, I have set my... read more

Montana House Passes Bill to Ban Abortions, Declare Unborn Babies People Under Law

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeSite News, March 20,2021Montana House lawmakers advanced a pro-life constitutional amendment Thursday that would recognize unborn babies as legal persons who deserve basic human rights. [The bill] defines persons “all members of mankind at any stage of development,... read more

Spain’s bishops decry decision to legalize euthanasia

By Inés San Martín, Crux, March 19, 2021 ROME – Spain’s Catholic bishops have condemned the legalization of euthanasia in the country on Thursday. The country’s parliament approved the law 202 to 141 vote on Thursday, and it will go into effect in three months. “This is a moment... read more

How to Resist Marxism According to Solzhenitsyn

By Jane Stannus, Crisis, February 25, 2021 Time for our five-minute “When Marxism Comes Knocking, Be a Doormat” team-building session! Today’s wisdom comes from Coca Cola’s Better Together global training materials, reported by a whistleblower on February 19, 2021. All together... read more

Following Charles Rice

By Elizabeth Kirk, Crisis, March 1, 2021 Six years ago this week, longtime Notre Dame law professor Charles Rice entered his eternal reward. Rereading his obituary now, and reflecting upon his enormous influence on me, I want to say to my friends: We need to follow his example better! In... read more

Why this South Carolina Democrat bucked his party and voted for the ‘heartbeat’ abortion ban

Catholic News Agency, February 18, 2021 Only two South Carolina House Democrats voted to ban on most abortions in the state on Wednesday, and one of them explained that his “consistent” view on the right to life helped him overcome reservations about the legislation. Rep. Russell Ott (D)... read more

Toyota’s Super Bowl ad celebrates adopted double amputee, features no cars

‘Her life — it won’t be easy,’ the adoption agency cautioned. Jessica Long’s mother replied, ‘It may not be easy, but it’ll be amazing.’By Michael Haynes, LifeSite News, Fwebruary 9, 2021 Car maker Toyota’s Super Bowl ad featured the double amputee and Paralympic champion... read more

Pope Francis tells diplomats ‘right to life’ is a foundational human right

By Courtney Mares, CNA, February 8, 2021 Pope Francis told diplomats at the Vatican Monday that it is “painful” for him to see more countries move away from “their inalienable duty to protect human life” from conception to natural death. “The pandemic forced us to confront two... read more

EXCLUSIVE: Bishop Naumann – US bishops must address scandal of ‘Catholic’ Biden championing abortion

Biden’s actions are 'confusing Catholics and non-Catholics regarding the Church’s teaching on the evil of abortion' By Pete Baklinski, LifeSite News, February 3, 2021 KANSAS CITY, Kansas, February 3, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) – Kansas City Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann told LifeSiteNews in an... read more