BreakPoint: Assisted Suicide and Manipulating the Vulnerable

A Cautionary Tale from Down Under by: John Stonestreet & Roberto Rivera, November 26, 2018 No matter what advocates claim, in the end, assisted suicide will eventually lead to the most vulnerable among us being pressured to die. Graham Morant, a 68-year-old man from Australia, was... read more

Is the Vatican promoting world-wide euthanasia under the guise of “palliative care”?

Letter of the Cardinal Secretary of State to the President of the Pontifical Academy for Life on the occasion of the Congress on Palliative Care organized by the PAL (Rome, 28 February – 1 March 2018), 28.02.2018 The international Congress entitled “Palliative Care: Everywhere and by... read more

The Deadly Canadian “M.A.I.D.”

The Expansion of Assisted Suicide North of the Border BY JOHN STONESTREET & ROBERTO RIVERA, OCTOBER 11, 2018 How is it that a nation known for its politeness has become so committed to killing its most vulnerable citizens? In a horrifying scene from “The Man in the High Castle,”... read more

Argentine Author on Pope Francis: Viganò Is Speaking the Truth

by Juliana Freitag  •  •  September 13, 2018 Church Militant speaks with Catholic historian and biographer Dr. Antonio Caponnetto In light of the staggering revelations of Abp. Carlo Maria Viganò, currently hunted by the Holy See's intelligence services for asking... read more

Alarm! PCHETA bill just passed the House

Urgent  - Take Action! Dear friends, Please please read this!  Please pray to the Holy Spirit! And please read Ione Whitlock’s brilliant essay on her blog at titled “(5 Things You Should Know About Palliative Care.” You and those on your lists are needed.  We... read more

A valiant woman’s voice in ‘Humanae Vitae’

A Polish survivor of a Nazi concentration camp foresaw the harm of the contraceptive pill. By Ruth D. Lasseter | Jul 19 2018 | Wanda Półtawska, a Polish doctor, is 97 years old. Her life and work is unknown outside her native Poland and some quarters of the Catholic Church, but her insights... read more

Hospital Killed More Than 450 Patients in Massive Euthanasia Campaign By “Shortening Their Lives”

SPUC, Jun 21, 2018, London, England More than 450 people died in Gosport War Memorial Hospital after being prescribed “dangerous doses” of clinically unjustified pain killers, a damning new report has found. An independent panel led by former bishop of Liverpool James Jones concluded that... read more

Pope Francis: ‘Only’ true family is that of a man and a woman

By Matthew Cullinan Hoffman, June 21, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – Pope Francis on Saturday denounced the use of the word “family” to refer to unions that do not consist of a man and a woman, sparking condemnation from homosexual activists, who noted the mixed signals that Francis has sent... read more

Bishops debate Catholic voting guidelines in the ‘age of Francis’

By Christopher White, Jun 14, 2018,  NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida - After a robust 90-minute discussion during the second day of their bi-annual meeting, the U.S. bishops voted to advance a proposal to produce new materials to complement their official voting guidelines to... read more

Is euthanasia the next logical step for Ireland after abortion?

Junior minister is already drafting a bill By Michael Cook | Jun 5 2018 Hard on the heels of Ireland’s historic approval of abortion in a constitutional referendum last week comes a bill to legalise euthanasia. Junior minister John Halligan is working on draft legislation which will be... read more

Alfie Evans not alone: Hundreds of patients starved to death in UK every year

By Matthew Cullinan Hoffman May 17, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) tells the public that euthanasia, or the deliberate killing of patients, is “illegal” in Britain and that the “maximum penalty is life imprisonment.” However, the NHS’s handling of... read more