Ex Corde Ecclesiae

The New York Times and Notre Dame

Sycamore Trust, August 7, 2020 .@NotreDame students fed daily doses of the now unmasked bigotry of the @NYTmes. #GoCatholicNDCLICK TO TWEET As we reported last year, at the instance of student government Notre Dame is providing every student a free online subscription to the New York Times,... read more

Catholic schools have a right to self-defense

By Jane Clark Scharl, Crisis, September 3, 2019 This past June, the Archdiocese of Indianapolis opened a huge can of worms when it asked two Catholic schools within the diocese—Cathedral High School and Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School—not to renew the contracts of two male teachers who... read more

Alumnus accuses former Notre Dame head of whittling down school’s Catholic identity

By Martin M. Barillas WASHINGTON, D.C. June 7, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) — Fr. Ted Hesburgh, who led Notre Dame University for 35 years, spent that time “bartering away” the university’s Catholic identity in exchange for academic prestige, according to one reviewer of Hesburgh’s recently... read more

A wake-up call to liberal theologians

Younger Catholics turning to neo-traditionalist circles for instruction, re-examining what’s happened in the church since the 1960s and reacting against the theology that came out of the Second Vatican Council April 6, 2018 The estrangement between academic theology and the institutional... read more

Land O’Lakes (1967-2017): What Have We Learned About Falsely Framed Freedom?

By John Garvey, July 23, 2017 In July 1967 a group of Catholic educators, mostly university presidents and vice presidents, gathered at a conference center in Land O’Lakes, Wisconsin, to discuss the nature of the modern Catholic university. The statement they produced touched on the important... read more

The Idea of a Catholic University 50 Years After Land O’Lakes

By FR. GEORGE W. RUTLER, JULY 20, 2017 William Inge (1860-1954), Professor of Divinity at Cambridge University and Dean of Saint Paul’s Cathedral, was frequently in the literary crosshairs of G.K. Chesterton for his anti-Catholic polemics and strident promotion of eugenics. Fortunately,... read more

Land O’Lakes at 50: Catholic Universities Cave to Culture

By Anthony Esolen, July 19, 2017 Fifty years ago this summer, a group of prominent Catholic university presidents and professors put forth a “Statement on the Nature of the Contemporary Catholic University,” now commonly known by its provenance as the “Land O’Lakes Statement.” As is... read more

Land O’Lakes 50 Years Later: How the Statement Affected Academia

Stephen Beale, July 17, 2017 It was meant to modernize universities and carry out the vision of the Second Vatican Council, but the “Land O’Lakes Statement,” released 50 years ago July 23, has instead contributed to a range of unintended consequences, including a loss of their distinctive... read more

Nine Catholic Colleges to Honor Opponents of Catholic Teaching at Commencement Ceremonies

By Mallory Nygard / May 3, 2017 / News / Higher Education This spring’s commencement honorees at nine Catholic colleges include pro-abortion politicians, a dissenting priest, and advocates for same-sex marriage, according to The Cardinal Newman Society’s annual review of commencement... read more


By William Dempsey,  8 . 4 . 16 Tim Kaine is a Harvard Law graduate, but he and other pro-choice Catholic politicians owe much to Notre Dame. As Matthew Franck has observed in First Things, Mario Cuomo’s 1984 “personally opposed but won’t impose” speech at the university was a... read more