Gay Adoption

The “No Difference” Theory Debunked

Written by Damien Murphy, 08 April 2015, American Society for Tradition Family & Property One of the main arguments proponents of same-sex “marriage” bring up is that there is no difference between children who are reared by a mother and a father, and children who are brought up by... read more

Dear Dolce & Gabbana- a letter of support from children of gays and lesbians

The translation of our letter that ran today in Tempi: Dear Dolce and Gabbana, Greetings from the United States. The six signers of this letter were all raised by gay and lesbian parents. Five of us are women and one is a queer man, though we all raised our children with their opposite-sex... read more

Fertility seminar targeted at gay couples explains the process

Steve Schneider is worn out. He's been up since 4:30 a.m. when his 5-month-old son, Henry, decided their day would begin. Since then the 41-year-old Schneider has spent his day changing diapers, washing bottles and keeping his 2-year-old son Theo occupied. And while the day is more than half over,... read more