By Father David Nix, Pilgrim Priest, January 2, 2021 If the title of this blog post seems like an exaggeration, I will prove it through secular hyperlinks below, all of which you can follow for confirmation. First Genocide: Bill Gates has been a top donor to Planned Parenthood for... read more

Disney’s Mulan and the Backdrop of Genocide

Why I Won’t be Watching the Latest Live-Action Remake By John Stonestreet & David Carlson, 09/9/20 Disney’s newest live-action movie, “Mulan,” was released Friday. So far, reviews have ranged from mostly positive to absolutely glowing: “an exciting, well-crafted action... read more

Rwanda: Remembrance, Repentance, Reconciliation

By Filip Mazurczak Wednesday, May 22, 2019 This year marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Rwandan genocide, one of the most horrific events in history’s bloodiest century. Over the course of a mere hundred days or so, Hutus in that nation killed up to a million Tutsis as the world... read more

Sharia or Sahara: What’s Behind the Genocide in Nigeria?

William Kilpatrick, July 19, 2018 Despite its patent absurdity, the meme that terror has nothing to do with Islam never seems to die. A reminder of its tenacity comes from Northern Nigeria where assaults on Christians by Muslims are routinely referred to by government, media, and the... read more

Planned Parenthood vs. Little Girls

Sex-Selective Abortion in America by: John Stonestreet &  G. Shane Morris, Breakpoint, October 26, 2017 The worst form of discrimination against women in our time is one that is virtually ignored by feminists. The abortion industry has long billed itself as a champion of women’s... read more

Human Rights Activist: Forced Abortion Policy Leads to 23 Million Abortions a Year in China

BY PENNY STARR, 10 Mar 20176 WASHINGTON D.C. – As some people protested on International Women’s Day last Wednesday in support of abortion, one human rights activist spoke at the Heritage Foundation about the staggering 23 million abortions, many forced, in China in 2015. “It is... read more

Black Pastor: 69 Times More Black People Die From Abortion Than Homicide

BY  MICAIAH BILGER,   JUN 29, 2016, WASHINGTON, DC Black pastor Walter B. Hoye II wants to get on board with the #BlackLivesMatter movement, but it troubles him how the movement ignores the leading cause of death among Black Americans – abortion. Hoye, president of the... read more

Report: Religious freedom ‘under serious and sustained assault’ globally

By DANIEL ALLOTT (@DANIELALLOTT) • 5/2/16 The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) published its annual report on Monday. The most startling finding: The number of CPC's, "countries of particular concern," nearly doubled since last year, from 9 to 17. "By any... read more

2015 Survey: Persecuted Christians in the Middle East

George J. Marlin, February 6, 2016 In 2015 more Christians were persecuted than were the members of any other religious group in the world. Persecution has also been the primary cause for the global upsurge of forcibly displaced people. According to the United Nations, the number of internally... read more

Prince Charles denounces persecution of Christians in Middle East

"This unmentionable violence and cruelty is utterly heart-breaking." Charles, Prince of Wales | Dec 28 2015 | The Prince of Wales met with representatives of Christians from the Middle East in mid-December at a function hosted by Cardinal Vincent Nichols. He gave the following... read more

Epiphany Brings Thoughts of Christian Persecution in the East

By FR. GEORGE W. RUTLER, JANUARY 5, 2016 Being a New Yorker, I only go to the top of the Empire State Building about once every thirty-five years, and I have been to the Statue of Liberty just twice. Merely once in my life have I welcomed the new year in Times Square, and I had the impression... read more

Genocide in Iraq