Guest Editorial

Rachel Weeping

By Peter Diamond, M.D. On Good Friday 2020, Governor Ralph Northam of Virginia codified a bill that repealed almost all of the restrictions to abortion in the state. Remarkably, the bill allows for removal of safety standards for the physical and mental well-being of the mother that are common... read more

Thinking Catholic

By Kevin Edward White, Board of Directors, Catholic Citizens of Illinois How We Read the News about the Roman Catholic Church: The kerfuffle late last year over the appointment of Joseph Blase Archbishop Cupich to oversee the Chicago Archdiocese provides yet another useful reminder of the... read more

Christianity was central for founders

Christianity was central for founders   (Letter to the editor of the Daily Herald) Was America founded as a Christian nation? The most vocal proponents of a completely secular state necessarily cherry-pick data to prove exaggerations while discarding inconvenient details. They would... read more

Guest Op-Ed: Cupich should embrace Catholic heritage, forgo false humility

By Anatole Upart University of Chicago Art History Doctoral student Special for Rorate Caeli When a leader of a polity assumes the office, the power of the office often comes in a specific architectural form: a residence, headquarters or a palace. Whether that leader personally dislikes old... read more


By John J. McCartney, Jr. This appeal is made hoping you will redirect your support from illegal immigration to legal immigration.  It is not unjust to enforce our comparatively reasonable (think Mexico) immigration laws, while it is unjust to ignore the 1.4 million Mexicans waiting, often... read more

What is Liberty? A Blueprint for Tomorrow

Third in a 3-part series by Jim Komaniecki The Progressive-Left Madison Avenue media machine has duped Americans into accepting sodomy as equal to herrosexual behavious, with associated civil respect.  Having the media against you is one thing, but when the Churches are weak and not... read more

School/Choice and Vouchers in Illinois

As a parent of a child in Catholic school, every year I am faced with the same thing the rest of the parents face - the property tax bill. I am very troubled with the fact I pay for a public school system I never use. My child will never darken the doorstep of that building and yet, more that 60%... read more

Valentine candy, handcuffs and Plan B One Step at your Local Drugstore!

An internet photo taken at a big chain drugstore in New Jersey featured a special Valentine "Keep it Sweet" display, including greeting cards, candies, flowers, balloons, condoms, jelly and Plan B One Step - along with metal handcuffs for the more adventurous. See: ... read more

Nonprofits, Issue Advocacy, and Politics

CCI EDITORS NOTE: This is extremely important information regarding non-profit organizations and their rights under the First Amendment. From Wagenmaker Oberly: In the midst of the IRS's proposed regulations to impose new restrictions on Section 501(c)(4) social welfare organizations, it is... read more

What is LIBERTY ?

Part 2 of 3 Thus far, reference has been made to define liberty in terms of what it is not. A proper understanding of liberty should begin in an exclusive sense, that is to say, we approach the definition by initially ruling out imperfect notions of what it might be, so that we can focus more... read more

On the passage of the Same-sex “Marriage’ Law in Illinois

Dear Citizens of Illinois: This is a good time to review the facts provided by in their pamphlet entitled "What same-sex 'marriage' has done to Massachusetts" [provided in the link below. ] How their law has adversely affected public schools, public health, hospitals,... read more