Scientists Say That Sodom and Gomorrah Were Actually Destroyed by “Fire From the Sky!”

We all know the biblical story of how the sinners of the decadent cities of Sodom and Gomorrah why destroyed by a Godly rain of “fire and brimstone” from on high. Archeologists may have recently discovered proof of this cleansing of biblical proportions. A group of archeologists and other... read more

History’s Answer to Modern Despair

BY ARCHBISHOP CHARLES J. CHAPUT, O.F.M. CAP., NOVEMBER 18, 2019  “Having trivialized the past by equating it with outmoded . . . fashions and attitudes, people today resent anyone who draws on the past in serious discussions of contemporary conditions or attempts to use the past as a... read more

Post-Christian America?

By Gunnar Gundersen, November 16, 2019 The recent Pew poll detailing the erosion of Christian faith [1] in this country unleashed a slew of commentary discussing “post-Christian” America. And even before this recent round of dire predictions, the term “post-Christian” has been used by... read more

Viganò Speaks: the “Infiltration” Is Real

BY JULIA MELONI, SEPTEMBER 17, 2019 Jonah began his journey through the city, and when he had gone only a single day’s walk announcing, “Forty days more and Nineveh shall be overthrown,” the people of Nineveh believed God; they proclaimed a fast and all of them, great and small, put on... read more

The Courage of Bishop Schneider

JONATHAN B. COE, SEPTEMBER 18, 2019 Bad bishops are hardly a novelty in the history of the Church. Historians estimate that, when the Arian heresy rocked Christendom in the fourth century, four out of five bishoprics succumbed to apostasy. When Henry VIII ordered England’s bishops to swear... read more

Socialism Is for the Incurious

Human reality is drained of dignity and reduced to raw material for the schemes of utopian power. By Roger Kimball, Wall Street Journal, September 2, 2019 I was struck by a news report this summer about Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont. It has long been known that he and his wife chose to... read more

Are Catholicism and America compatible?

BY JOHN C. PINHEIRO • AUGUST 28, 2019 Pope John Paul II and President Ronald Reagan in Alaska. “America,” proclaimed Pope St. John Paul II in 1995, “has always wanted to be a land of the free. Today, the challenge facing America is to find freedom’s fulfillment in the truth.”... read more

Dominican Nuns in Tuscany vs. the Vatican, with Help from the Locals

By Hilary White, August 20, 2019 Late in June, we received a warning from a village on the edge of Tuscany that yet another religious house with the wrong sort of mindset was facing the now dreaded prospect of a Vatican “visitator.” The contemplative Dominican monastery of Marradi, the... read more

Nagasaki cathedral cross returns from US 74 yrs after going missing following A-bomb

August 8, 2019 (Mainichi Japan) NAGASAKI -- A cross that was a witness to the nuclear bombing of this city and had been missing for decades has found its way home. The cross used to hang in the former Urakami Cathedral, which was destroyed in the U.S. atomic bombing of Nagasaki on Aug. 9,... read more

Famed Yale computer science professor quits believing Darwin’s theories

JENNIFER KABBANY - FIX EDITOR •JULY 30, 2019 ‘The origin of species is exactly what Darwin cannot explain’ David Gelernter, a famed Yale University professor, has publicly renounced his belief in Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, calling it a “beautiful idea” that has been... read more

The Shroud of Turin: Latest Study Deepens Mystery

Researchers cast doubt on the findings of the controversial 1988 study. By K.V. Turley, August 5, 2019 A new French-Italian study on the Shroud of Turin throws doubt on what many thought was the definitive dating of the cloth believed by millions to be the burial cloth of Jesus... read more

Cato and St. Paul

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The Equality Act