Hired thugs beat up Xiaotangshan inhabitants protesting against forced demolitions

Gangs hired by local authorities. Demolitions began in November. Some victims suffered serious injuries; others continued the protest. Similar cases of aggression also occurred over the demolition of sacred places.

Beijing (AsiaNews) – A group of thugs hired by local authorities beat up villagers who were protesting the forced demolition of their homes.

Radio Free Asia reports the incident took place on April 21 in Xiaotangshan (Changping district), just outside the capital.

The perpetrators of the attack (more than 10) were led by Wu Longli, the deputy head of the village. They left the scene before police and rescue arrived. Some victims of the beating were found unconscious and needed medical attention; others continued to protest.

House demolitions began in November; since then the residents have camped on the rubble in protest. According to Xiaotangshan officials, the construction contract signed by local authorities in 1998 was illegal.

There are often cases of aggression against those who demonstrate against government ordered demolitions and expropriations in China. On several occasions they have concerned places of worship.

In 2005, 16 Catholic nuns from Xian were beaten and wounded for defending a school from being demolished.

In 2013, a team of “thugs” and government officials savagely beat a group of Christians in Lincheng County (Hainan): the faithful were only trying to prevent the theft of the land on which their church was to be built.

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