Biden’s intersectional policies are incoherent

In the victim stakes the person with the thickest overlap of intersectional disadvantage wins.By Margaret Hickey, Mercatur, February 8, 2021 Under the Biden Administration, we are going to be hearing a lot about “intersectionality” as an ineluctable dimension of social justice and the... read more

Bishops Misfire on “Racial Equity”

By Robert Royal, Catholic Thing, February 8, 2021 The American bishops drew a crucial distinction in a statement on President Biden’s Inauguration Day between things on which they can cooperate and “dialogue” with the new administration and those on which they cannot. Those distinctions... read more

Pope’s New Partners Peddle Intrinsic Evils

by Jules Gomes,, December 11, 2020 Council for Inclusive Capitalism packed with pro-abort, LGBT+ globalists VATICAN CITY ( - Seeking to reset the economy under the slogan of "inclusive capitalism," Pope Francis has created a coalition of abortion... read more