Cardinal Robert Sarah

‘As a bishop, it is my duty to warn the West’: An interview with Cardinal Sarah

The Vatican cardinal discusses his hard-hitting new book in this exclusive interview with La Nef Cardinal Robert Sarah, Catholic Herald (US), April 5, 2019 Cardinal Robert Sarah is publishing the third of his book-length interviews with Nicolas Diat: The Day is Far Spent. An unflinching... read more

Catholic cardinal calls mass migration ‘a new form of slavery,’ says Bible shouldn’t be used to promote it

By Adam Shaw, Fox News, A top African cardinal of the Catholic Church branded mass migration a “new form of slavery” and said those who seek to use the Bible to promote migration are pushing a “false" interpretation of the scriptures. “It is a false exegesis to use the Word of God... read more

Ilhan Omar’s Islam shows the myth of multiculturalism

By William Kilpatrick  March 20, 2019 (Turning Point Project) — The unanswered question about the controversy over Representative Ilhan Omar's anti-Semitic statements is why anyone was surprised by them. Judging by the heavy duty hijabs she wears, Omar is a religious Muslim. And the... read more

The Mosque Attack in New Zealand and Its Consequences

By William Kilpatrick, March 19, 2019 Last week, a man who claimed to be defending Western Civilization killed 50 defenseless worshippers in two New Zealand mosques, thereby betraying every good thing that Western Civilization stands for. A supposed foe of jihad terror, the terrorist... read more

Christianity’s Masculinity Crisis

By William Kilpatrick, February 8, 2019 It might seem odd to classify gender theory as a national security threat. After all, if a woman feels she was meant to be a man, there seems to be no reason why her personal desires should have any impact on national policy. But, as you’re no doubt... read more

The Age of Religious Relativism

by George Neumayr  •  •  February 7, 2019    Pope Francis is contributing to it Pope Francis is making his flirtations with religious relativism more and more explicit. During his trip to the United Arab Emirates this week, Pope... read more

Bishop Schneider on Pope’s statement with Muslims: ‘Christianity is the only God-willed religion’

Bishop Athansius Schneider By Diane Montagna, LifeSite News, February 8, 2019 ROME,– Bishop Athanasius Schneider has issued a statement on the uniqueness of faith in Christ, to remedy confusion arising from the controversial document Pope Francis signed with a Grand Imam earlier this week... read more

The Pope’s Abu Dhabi trip has vindicated Benedict XVI’s Regensburg lecture

By Sohrab Ahmari, February 5, 2019, Catholic Herald UK Both Pope Francis and Sheikh Ahmed el-Tayeb criticized faithless modernity, echoing Benedict's prophetic address Pope Francis made history this week when he became the first Catholic pontiff to visit the United Arab Emirates –... read more

Stop the Islamization of Texas

By Amil Imani - on December 15, 2018 Islamization was a term that my friend Pamela Geller introduced into the daily lexicon of the freedom-loving West. The Oxford Dictionary defines Islamization as “the process of bringing someone or something under the influence of Islam or under Islamic... read more

How “Right-Wing Populism” Succeeded in Austria

By James Baresel, November 29, 2018 It might be supposed that it would be usual for major organs of the media to give something along the lines of regular acclaim to a person who has become the first millennial to head a European government, who is the youngest head of government in the world,... read more

Clerical Machiavellians with Magical Beliefs

By William Kilpatrick, November 6, 2018 “Cometh the hour, cometh the man.” The saying means that a time of crisis invariably brings forth the man to meet the challenge. Well, the hour is here, but where’s the man? That’s what many Catholics must be wondering. The Church is in the... read more

None Dare Call It Treason