Jesuits (Society of Jesus)

Father George Coyne

George Coyne, astronomer priest who helped establish Mount Graham observatory, dies at 87

By John D'Anna, The Republic, February 16, 2020 As a scholar, he once told a colleague that without "good science" as a foundation, all of his work would amount to nothing. As a priest, he believed not only that faith and reason were not mutually exclusive, but that they enhanced each other.... read more

Lawsuit alleges famed Jesuit McGuire abused boy 1,000 times

By Michael Rezendes, Assocated Press, January 1, 2020 CHICAGO — One day in May of 1970, an 11-year-old boy and his disabled sister were sitting on the curb outside a Chicago tavern, waiting for their mother to come out. When a priest with crinkly eyes and a ready smile happened by and offered... read more