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Alexander Tschugguel, Austria

The Man Who Threw the Pachamama Idols into the Tiber Reveals His Identity

By Steve Skojec, OnePeterFive, November 4, 2019 In a video released this morning, a young Austrian Catholic man named Alexander Tschugguel identifies himself as “the guy who threw the Pachamama idols into the river Tiber.” “But now, two weeks later, one week after the Amazon synod. We... read more

Archbishop joins pope in calling for talks to resolve U.S.-Iran tensions

By Dennis Sadowski, Catholic News Service, June 19, 2019 WASHINGTON, D.C. - Amid rising tensions between the United States and Iran, Archbishop Timothy P. Broglio of the U.S. Archdiocese for the Military Services called on President Donald Trump’s administration to seek “sustained dialogue... read more