Justice Antonin Scalia

‘Faith always has to be lived out in the public square:’ Antonin Scalia’s son, a Catholic priest

By Lisa Bourne ARLINGTON, Virginia, May 4, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) – The death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia last year gave his children a new appreciation for the family’s Catholic faith and drew the siblings closer. Father Paul Scalia, one of the late justice’s nine children,... read more

Religious Liberty Isn’t a Government Privilege

Legal leftists who attack Neil Gorsuch hold an odd view. by DAVID FRENCH, March 20, 2017 Thus far there are two unfolding lines of attack on Judge Neil Gorsuch. The first is so intellectually absurd as to be frivolous — that he rules for the wrong people. In other words, the critic ignores... read more

Of Saint Thomas More – and Us

by Father John McCloskey Where in the United States of America are today's followers of St. Thomas More? As we know, More was martyred for his faith after resisting Henry VIII's co-option of the Catholic Church for his personal and political ends. For this resistance unto death, More received an... read more

What to Look for in a Supreme Court Justice

BY JOSEPH HEBERT, MARCH 23, 2016 As we brace ourselves for the political firestorm that is already beginning around filling the vacancy on our highest court, it would be useful to engage in a little “cultural catechesis” on the nature and purpose of the office in question. Though some will... read more

Abortion and the Court without Scalia

By Hadley Arkes, March 8, 2016 March 2 at the Supreme Court of the United States: the first time that there has been an oral argument in a case on abortion with one of the judicial chairs empty and draped in black; the first time in thirty years that the voice of Justice Scalia was not there to... read more

Scalia’s impact on the Supreme Court

He was a powerful spokesman for the movement against judicial activism. Brian Fitzpatrick | Feb 29 2016 I was in Washington, D.C., over the weekend to attend memorial services for my old boss, Justice Antonin Scalia. As one of his former clerks – 15 years ago now – I met his casket on... read more