Marian Apparitions

In Defense of Marian Maximalism

By Jane Stannus, Crisis Magazine, January 8, 2020 It was Friday the 13th of December, and nothing unlucky had happened yet. Or so I thought, idly scrolling through the Catholic news—until my eyes landed on a startling headline from Crux. “Pope calls idea of declaring Mary co-redemptrix... read more
Mary, Mother of the Church

Fatima to Vatican II: Mary, ‘Mother of the Church’ and Our Loving Mother

Called to be the God-bearer, Mother to the Head of the Church, Mary was commissioned and called implicitly to be mother of every member born of the virginal womb of the Church in baptism. By Matthew Tsakanikas, Catholic World Reporter, December 21, 2019 The title of Mary, “Mother of the... read more

Why Heretics Hate Mary and We Should Love Her More

By Timothy Flanders, One Peter Five, August 5, 2019 Marian devotion is the cure for heresy and the healing of all heretics. We must turn to her for refuge from the heretical depravity now consuming the Church. Marian devotion is the destruction of error, the fount of humility, and a potent... read more

New book exposes diabolical scheme used by Catholic Church’s enemies to gain access to papacy

By Maike Hickson May 28, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – Dr. Taylor Marshall, a well-known theologian and expert in Thomism as well as a supporter of the Traditional Latin Mass, has written a book on the infiltration of the Catholic Church by anti-Catholic forces. The book is titled Infiltration: The... read more

St. Joseph’s Apparition in the United States

60 Years ago this month, St. Joseph appeared to a nun in Ohio, bringing messages on the Holy Family, Fatherhood, and more Joseph Pronechen Blog, March 19, 2019 This year marks the 60th anniversary of St. Joseph appearing to a nun in Ohio during March, 1958. He appeared during the continuing... read more

Stigmatic, Healer and Visionary from Michigan

The modest man who many have not heard about has amazing touched the lives of tens of thousands, suffering and healing so many of them. Joseph Pronechen Blog, October 16, 2018 Twenty-five years ago, on Good Friday 1993, Irving C. “Francis” Houle received the wounds of Christ in his hands.... read more

Pope Francis expands mission of envoy to Medjugorje

by Junno Arocho Esteves, 31 May 2018 Archbishop Henryk Hoser will be apostolic visitor to the site for an indefinite period Pope Francis has named as apostolic visitor to Medjugorje the Polish archbishop he had initially sent to the town as his personal envoy to study the pastoral needs of... read more

Fatima nun has 15,000 pages of evidence for beatification cause

Fatima, Portugal, Dec 27, 2017 / 11:49 am (CNA/EWTN News).- Officials with the beatification cause of Sister Lucia dos Santos have collected thousands of pages of materials testifying to the holiness of the nun, one of the three children who were witnesses to the famous Marian apparitions at... read more

When Charles Dickens Met the Blessed Virgin Mary

“Perhaps Roman Catholicism is the best? Perhaps it makes one think of God oftener, and believe in Him more steadily.” Angelo Stagnaro Blog, December 28, 2017 I’ve never been one for Dickens. There! I’ve admitted it! I feel more relieved than ashamed. Actually, I’m bewildered... read more

Our Lady’s Mantle

The splendor of truth in the mantle and stars of Our Lady of Guadalupe Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe — December 12th For centuries, the beauty of the apparition of Mary at Guadalupe has inspired amazement. Yet, the beauty of Our Lady of Guadalupe goes beyond superficial attraction. Rather,... read more

“I am the Immaculate Conception”

MARY IN OUR DIVINE HISTORY By Father R. Plus S.J., December 8, 2017 We should not be astounded at such a sublime privilege! Are not the reasons which wage battle in favor of the Immaculate Conception of Mary evident? Due to His holiness, Jesus had to be born of a sinless Mother; He ‘who... read more

Fatima the Uncanny