Third priest in a week found dead in Mexico

by Associated Press, posted Monday, 26 Sep 2016 A missing Mexican priest was found shot dead off the side of a highway in western Mexico days after he was kidnapped from his parish residence, state prosecutors said on Sunday. He was the third Catholic priest to be slain in Mexico in the last... read more

French archbishop to reportedly fast track Cause of martyred priest

by Staff Reporter, posted Monday, 15 Aug 2016 The Archbishop of Rouen is preparing to launch the Cause of Fr Jacques Hamel The Archbishop of Rouen is preparing to launch the Cause of Fr Jacques Hamel and waive the rule which states that five years must pass before a Cause is opened, according... read more

The Meaning of a Martyrdom

By Ross Douthat, August 6, 2016 In the days since Father Jacques Hamel, an 85-year-old French priest, was slaughtered at the altar by two jihadists, his murder has become a contested symbol in his country, continent and church. To many conservative Catholics, Father Hamel is an archetypal... read more

Of St. Thomas More – and Us

Fr. C. John McCloskey III, March 13, 2016 Where in the United States of America are today’s followers of St. Thomas More? As we know, More was martyred for his faith after resisting Henry VIII’s co-option of the Catholic Church for his personal and political ends. For this resistance unto... read more

“Courage, Play the Man”

Written by Norman Fulkerson, American Society for Tradition, Family & Property, 26 January 2016, Courage Polycarp, Play the Man Religious persecution is a frequent topic of discussion in our country and for good reason. The mere mention of Kim Davis or the Little Sisters of the Poor,... read more

The Manifold Works of Mercy

by Father John McCloskey On December 8, the fiftieth anniversary of the end of the second Vatican Council as well as the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, Pope Francis inaugurated a special Year of Mercy. There are many ways in which we can celebrate this holy moment in the history of the... read more