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Pan-Amazon Pandemonium

By William Kirkpatrick, Crisis, July 23, 2019 There’s a funny scene in Oklahoma in which Curly sings a slyly mocking song about Jud Fry, the menacing hired hand. Curly assures Jud that though people dislike him now, they’ll miss him when he’s gone. To make the point, he imagines Jud’s... read more

Catholics performed exorcism after ‘mass’

By Carla Hinton, Religion Editor Satan has left the building. Roman Catholic Archbishop Paul S. Coakley and a priest performed “prayers of exorcism” to rid the Civic Center Music Hall of evil spirits that may have lingered after a satanic “black mass” was held there, The... read more

Oklahoma Satanist gives up plan to desecrate Eucharist: archbishop withdraws lawsuit

Adam Daniels told LifeSiteNews he was offended that the archdiocese had accused him of 'stealing' the consecrated Hosts. An Oklahoma satanist has turned over what he claims were consecrated Hosts to the Catholic Church, rather than face a lawsuit to prevent their desecration in a black... read more


Amid national soul searching in the wake of one of the worst mass shootings in American history, faith leaders say the removal of God from the nation's schools and communities is at the root of this monstrous tragedy. Marshall Foster, a Christian historian, founder of the World History Institute... read more

Copenhagen ? Enviro-Left Drives Another Nail In Humanity’s Coffin

Today, the left sees humanity as a blight on an otherwise pristine natural world. It measures the value of individuals solely in terms of CO2 emissions and carbon footprints. Instead of turning human beings into energy, a la "The Matrix," it celebrates non-existence as a way to reduce energy... read more

Czech President Klaus: Global Warming Not Science, but a ‘New Religion’

In an interview with, Czech Republic president Vaclav Klaus argued that man's natural ingenuity will lead to new technologies that will lessen any impact mankind has had on the planet's environment. As the Copenhagen Climate conference comes to a conclusion amidst riots by... read more

Real Witches Practice Samhain: Wicca on the Rise in U.S.

In 2008, some 342,000 people identified themselves as Wiccans, up from 134,000 in 2001 and up significantly from 8,000 in 1990, said Barry Kosmin, a sociology professor at Trinity College, and the lead researcher of one of the largest surveys on religion in the U.S., the American Religious... read more

People Are the Enemy

There really is nothing new under the sun. In a recent Yahoo News article, straightforwardly entitled "Save the Planet: Have Fewer Kids," human beings are told-again, that we are the cause of all the earth's woes. Everything would be better, the article declares, if we would just have fewer... read more

Al Gore Busted! Eco-blatherer quietly recants claims of “scientific” conclusions made by Catholic University of Louvain in Brussels

"When Mr. Gore addressed a packed, cheering hall at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Chicago earlier this month, his climate slide show contained a startling graph showing a ceiling-high spike in disasters in recent years. "The data came from the... read more

The Top 10 Scientific Facts Proving Charles Darwin’s Theory is Wrong

The Theory of Evolution is not a scientific law or a law of biology. A scientific law must be 100% correct. Failure to meet only one challenge proves the law is wrong. This web page will prove that the Theory of Evolution fails many challenges, not simply one. The Theory of Evolution will never... read more

Can we keep ears from itching? Eco-spirituality and the search for mystery

The interest of Catholics - religious sisters and brothers, priests and laymen - in what is called "eco-spirituality" is a curious phenomenon. What has turned devotees of God's Mother into worshippers of the Earth Mother? How did some Catholics go from adoring the Eucharist, the Body of Christ, to... read more