Cdl. Sarah: ‘If there’s no repentance, there’s no mercy’

by Bradley Eli, M.Div., Ma.Th.,, April 26, 2019 With the approach of Divine Mercy Sunday, it's worth noting that some prelates like Cdl. Robert Sarah are still urging Catholics to confess their sins with repentance in order to receive God's mercy. During an interview with... read more

More Bad Defenses of “Amoris Laetitia”

By Fr. Gerald E. Murray, October 17, 2017 The claim was widely made during the two Synods on the Family that the innovation of allowing persons living in adulterous second unions to receive Holy Communion, as proposed by Cardinal Kasper and others, was not a change in doctrine, but simply in... read more

A Book Review . . . A German Cardinal Focuses On Hope

By CHRISTOPHER MANION, April 21, 2017 “Bob was a hopeful man. Of course, he wasn’t an optimist” — Fr. Paul Scalia, presiding at the funeral of Judge Robert Bork (December 22, 2012). + + + As prefect for the Congregation of the Faith, Gerhard Cardinal Müller bears the... read more

It is the Story of Everyone

BY REGIS MARTIN, MARCH 21, 2017 My grandfather—who loved telling stories and who, in his last years, would endlessly retell the same stories—was particularly partial to the story of the fellow who, condemned to hang for his crimes, was nevertheless permitted a bit of exercise the day before.... read more

Full text of Pope Francis’ homily for the Consistory

November 19, 2016 (Vatican Radio) Pope Francis, in his homily at the Consistory which took place in St Peter’s Basilica on Saturday, reflected on the Lord’s “Sermon on the Plain,” found in the Gospel of St Luke. The Holy Father said that, by taking the Apostles down from the... read more

Archbishop Cupich welcomes pope’s ‘The Joy of Love’

By Michelle Martin, Staff Writer Archbishop Cupich answers questions from the media during a press conference at the Archbishop Quigley Center on April 8. Archbishop Cupich welcomed the release of Pope Francis’ apostolic exhortation “Amoris Laetitia (The Joy of Love),” April 8, saying... read more

“Beneath rigidity there is something else, there is often wickedness”

At this morning’s mass in St. Martha’s House, the Pope said rigid people lead a “double life”, they seem good but they often aren’t; they are strangers to God’s freedom, “slaves of the law”. “How they suffer”! BY DOMENICO AGASSO JR, 24/10/2016 VATICAN CITY Beneath the... read more

Saving the Children

THE STORY OF IRENA SENDLER By: John Stonestreet|Published: September 27, 2016 What happens when an ordinary Polish woman encounters extraordinary evil? Well, she saves 2,500 Jewish children. This past week, PBS premiered the latest film by Ken Burns. His subject was Waitstill Sharp, a... read more

Environmentalism is a corporal and spiritual work of mercy, Pope proclaims

Catholic World News, September 01, 2016 Pope Francis has suggested that care for the environment should be added to the Church's traditional list of the corporal and spiritual works of mercy. Recalling that “the Catechism of the Catholic Church presents the confessional as the place where... read more

Marques Gaines case is reason to reflect: Are we guilty of ‘bystander effect’?

By Dan Proft What would you have done early on that February morning had you come upon an unconscious Marques Gaines lying facedown on State Street at a busy Chicago intersection? Would you have come to Gaines’ aid? Be honest. Research suggests that only 1 in 55 of us would have. No... read more

Cardinal Sarah: “There is no forgiveness if there is no repentance”

By Catherine Harmon, April 05, 2016 “It is true that Jesus always goes before us and waits for us with open arms,” Cardinal Robert Sarah said in an interview published today in Polish. “But it is up to us to also move towards Him!” Rorate Caeli has posted a translation of the interview,... read more

Ignatius and the Moor

Living by God’s Mercy