Parent’s Rights

Court blocks school district from keeping parents in the dark about children’s gender identity

By College Fix Staff, September 30, 2020 A Wisconsin state court has issued an injunction barring the Madison Metropolitan School District from deceiving parents about the gender identity their child has adopted at school. Included in the parents’ lawsuit was an expert affidavit by Dr.... read more

LA Inserts Planned Parenthood Between Parents and Children

LA Inserts Planned Parenthood Between Parents and Children The city’s plan to staff health centers on 50 high-school campuses with Planned Parenthood employees draws criticism. By Mary Rose Short, January 2, 2020 LOS ANGELES — When officials from the County of Los Angeles announced... read more

CDC confirms US fertility rate fell to ‘all-time low’ in 2018

Washington D.C., Jul 25, 2019 / 11:23 am (CNA).- The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed Wednesday that the US fertility rate continued to fall in 2018, to an all-time low. The report confirms provisional figures released in May. “The 2018 general fertility rate fell to... read more

Survey Shows American Youth Waking Up to Homosexual Harm

By Linda Harvey, July 2, 2019 “Do you want your future children taught ‘LGBT’ history lessons?” That’s essentially the question (along with others) presented to young Americans 18 to 34 in a recent Harris poll. Their responses have “LGBT” activists in a tizzy—and many... read more

UK judge forcing mentally disabled mother to have abortion against her will

by Ryan Everson, Washington Examiner, June 21, 2019 A judge in the United Kingdom ruled that a mentally disabled pregnant mother must abort her baby because doctors have arbitrarily decided an abortion would be less traumatic for her than childbirth. At 22 weeks gestation, this baby can feel... read more

Psychologist gives searing critique of Vatican’s new gender doc: a compromise with ‘neo-paganism’

By Diane Montagna ROME, June 14, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) — A Catholic psychologist has denounced the latest Vatican document on gender theory as containing “not one sentence of sound advice for parents who try to educate their children towards the virtues necessary for a Christian... read more

Don’t let the culture raise your kids

Advice for parents in a family-unfriendly culture By Marcia Segelstein and Mary Cooney | Jun 11 2019 |  “It takes a village to raise a child” — so goes the African proverb. But what if that village, including schools, peers, media, and the culture at large, goes strongly and... read more

How top Catholic leaders betrayed parents and children by promoting sex ed

CCI Editors Note: This is an extremely important article and warning to Catholic parents about the sex education programs promoted by the Bishops of England. Please follow the link at the bottom for the complete article and end notes. By Tom Rogers April 15, 2019 (Calx Mariae) — Sacred... read more

The inconvenient truth about vaccines

by Stefani Williams, Renew America, April 4, 2019 "Skepticism is the first step towards truth," Denis Diderot, 1746. Has our government ever been wrong? Has it ever been deceptive? The answer of course, to anyone who knows our history, is yes! Here are a few examples: Forced sterilization... read more

Illinois Bishops Warn Against Extreme Legislation in General Assembly

As Illinois faces so many pressing issues involving human life and dignity, it is incomprehensible that our elected officials have decided the pressing issue of the day is to enhance the chances that the lives of the most vulnerable and voiceless will be taken.  Their efforts, similar to... read more

The cost of sending your kids to public school just might be their souls

By Cathy Ruse February 12, 2019 (Family Research Council) — Recent decades have seen "Mommy Wars" about daycare and breastfeeding. Are we on the cusp of a new fight over whether to send your kids to public school? If so, I say bring it on. It's long overdue. Should we pull our... read more