Are Catholicism and America compatible?

BY JOHN C. PINHEIRO • AUGUST 28, 2019 Pope John Paul II and President Ronald Reagan in Alaska. “America,” proclaimed Pope St. John Paul II in 1995, “has always wanted to be a land of the free. Today, the challenge facing America is to find freedom’s fulfillment in the truth.”... read more

D-Day’s Enduring Memory: Heroic Chaplains Remembered on 75th Anniversary

The Register remembers three clergymen whose extraordinary courage should never be forgotten. By Joseph Pronechen, Jun. 6, 2019 Tens of thousands of Allied forces stormed the beaches of Normandy. June 6, 1944 — D-Day was underway. That day 75 years ago launched the major turning... read more

Beyond the Fog of Politics

By Robert Royal, May 29, 2019 It’s not easy to interpret the recent European Union elections. Mainstream liberal and conservative parties lost considerable ground while “populists” and, in some countries, Greens showed strong gains. But the raw numbers call for careful parsing. Pope... read more

Cdl. Burke: God doesn’t make one-world government ‘just and legitimate’

By Dorothy Cummings McLean ROME, May 17, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) ― Cardinal Raymond Burke said today that patriotism is required by natural law and that God “in accord with the order written upon the human heart, does not make just and legitimate a single global government.” Cardinal... read more

Eternal Truths Revealed in the Passing of President George H. W. Bush

The True and Good by: John Stonestreet, December 10, 2018 So many of our recent shared national events have reminded us of the sin and evil in our world. This past week, we were reminded of things both true and good. I was both surprised and moved by the sheer number of personal letters... read more

National Thanksgiving Proclamation

The National Thanksgiving Proclamation was the first formal proclamation of Thanksgiving in the United States. President George Washington declared Thursday, November 26, 1789 as a day of public thanksgiving and prayer. Whereas it is the duty of all Nations to acknowledge the providence of... read more

None Dare Call It Treason

By William Kilpatrick, September 18, 2018 One could be forgiven for thinking that a traitor is a rare bird. After all, most Americans can only name one traitor in American history—Benedict Arnold. And, if you know who he is, you probably went to school several decades ago when such things were... read more

Patriotic Hymns: Singing in Praise of America’s Blessings

How our country’s lyrical legacy honors the Almighty By Joseph Pronechen, July 4, 2018 Legendary composer Irving Berlin wrote his iconic God Bless America for a musical revue while in the Army during World War I, but he shelved it. One hundred years later, it turns out his patriotic hymn... read more

BreakPoint: The Spiritual Battle on D-Day

“This Great and Valiant Struggle” by: Eric Metaxas & Anne Morse, June 6, 2018 Many of us know about D-Day through films like “Saving Private Ryan.” But no film has ever told the story of another great battle that took place that day. June 1944. A tense and tired world is... read more

Meet the Woman Who Helped Make Thanksgiving a US Holiday

By John York / November 21, 2017 For much of the 19th century, Thanksgiving was celebrated only by New Englanders and Northeastern transplants in the upper Midwest and New York. Without the dogged activism of Sarah Josepha Hale—a novelist, poet, and the editor of “Godey’s Lady’s... read more

Veterans’s Day Proclamation

Earlier this week, President Donald Trump issued a proclamation recognizing November 11th as Veterans Day.  Below are excerpts of his proclamation. "Our veterans represent the very best of America. They have bravely answered the call to serve in the finest military force in the world, and they... read more

The Statue at Inchon