Pope Paul VI

Brave new Church: can Catholicism be decentralised?

by Fr Mark Drew, 1 Nov 2018 The youth synod’s final report resoundingly endorses ‘synodality’. This could be a positive step – once bishops have worked out what it means. Since his election in 2013, Pope Francis has often expressed the desire for a more “synodal” style of Church... read more

Paul VI’s Response to Margaret Sanger’s Sexual Revolution

By Francis J. Pierson, July 26, 2018 In September of 1966, Margaret Sanger, the outspoken public voice of the Sexual Revolution and founder of Planned Parenthood, died in Tucson, Arizona. Sanger was a passionate sexual libertine whose selfishness extended even towards her own family. Finding... read more

The Prophetic Vision of Saint Pope Paul VI

By Mary Eberstadt — for Columbia Magazine / August, 2018 It is no exaggeration to say that Humanae Vitae, issued in August of 1968, was and remains — one of the most globally rejected documents of the modern age. In reiterating 2,000 years of Church teaching about human life, including the... read more

Paul VI’s Canonization Presents an Opportunity

Recalling the Pope’s Prophetic Papacy By Matthew E. Bunson, Oct. 13, 2018 On June 30, 1963, a large crowd gathered in Rome for the formal installation Mass for the newly elected Pope Paul VI. As Cardinal Giovanni Battista Montini, he had entered the conclave to choose a successor to Pope... read more

De Mattei: The Roman Primacy Disfigured by the Successor of Peter

By Roberto de Mattei, Correspondenza Romana, September 26, 2018 The impressive rapidity with which events are unfolding one after the other in the Church makes one think that this is due not only to the dynamics of historical acceleration, but a deliberate choice by the agents of chaos to... read more

How We Can Get Through Current Crisis of Homosexuality in the Church

The acceptance and even promotion of homosexuality is at the root of the problem in our Church. By Dan Almeter, August 15, 2018 • I spent six years in a Catholic seminary in the ’70s. The current scandal of predatory homosexuality came as no surprise to me. My fellow seminarians... read more

Sowers of the Current Chaos

By Paul Kengor, September 5, 2018 For keen insight into some of the malevolent forces at work in the Church right now, an unexpected source is a fascinating book by Father Charles Theodore Murr, titled, The Godmother: Madre Pascalina. Published in May 2017, for the centenary of Fatima, it is one... read more

Defending Marriage at the Youth Synod

By Richard A. Spinello, August 27, 2018 When Cardinal Carlo Caffarra was given the responsibility of starting Pope John Paul II’s Institute for Studies on Marriage and Family, he wrote a letter to Sister Lucia de Santos of Fatima asking for prayers. Many Catholics by now are familiar with... read more

De Mattei: The Death of Paul VI (August 6, 1978). An anniversary.

By Roberto de Mattei, Corrispondenza Romana, August 15, 2018 This month of August sees the fortieth anniversary of the death of Giovanni Battista Montini - Pope Paul VI from 1963 to 1978. His pontificate changed the life of the Church in the twentieth century. Giovanni Battista Montini was... read more

Padre Pio’s letter to Pope Paul VI on Humanae Vitae

Posted by Fr. Gordon J. MacRae on July 25, 2018 Less than two weeks before Saint Padre Pio of Pietrelcina died, he sent a letter on Humanae Vitae to Blessed Pope Paul VI who is himself due to be canonized 14 October, 2018. Your Holiness: Availing myself of Your Holiness’ meeting with the... read more

Hostile reactions from Catholics against the encyclical suggest the Church has lost its mission

This article by journalist Malcolm Muggeridge appeared in the Catholic Herald of August 9, 1968. We republish it today to mark the 50th anniversary of Humanae Vitae. Muggeridge was eventually received into the Church 14 years later, at the age of 79. If ten years ago I had considered the... read more

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