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Testimony of Mary Hasson on the Equality Act

Published in Senate Judiciary Committee on March 17, 2021 BY MARY RICE HASSON EPPC Kate O’Beirne Fellow Mary Rice Hasson delivered the following testimony at a Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing on the Equality Act on March 17, 2021. Download a PDF file of this testimony here; view a video... read more

Associated Press finally admits lockdowns don’t reduce COVID-19 infections, deaths

By Calvin Freiburger              March 17, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — With election season over and a Democrat president safely in the White House, the mainstream media appears to have gained an increased willingness to acknowledge... read more

Bishops must act on—not just talk about—Biden’s abortion advocacy

By Phil Lawler | Jan 25, 2021 Spare me, please, from the excited praise of “courageous” American bishops who have issued statements saying that abortion advocacy by President Biden (and other Catholic politicians) is incompatible with the Catholic faith. Of course it’s incompatible... read more

Cardinal Müller decries the Great Reset

The cardinal warned that the goal of this newly merging force – the collaboration between big capitalist entities with China – is ‘absolute control of thought, speech and action.’ Maicke Hickson Blog February 5, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) – Cardinal Gerhard Müller, prefect emeritus of... read more

In Facebook Post, JPII Institute Defends Biden’s Abortion Record

Some readers questioned why the Institute was praising Biden, who is a strong supporter of legal abortion, in sharp contrast with Catholic teaching. By Andrea Gagliarducci/CAN/January 29, 2021 ROME — The John Paul II Pontifical Theological Institute for Marriage and Family Sciences... read more

Chaos at the Capitol

Day Gardner, President of the National Black Pro-Life Union, Asks Who is to Blame By National Black Pro-Life Union, Jan. 7, 2021 WASHINGTON, Jan. 7, 2021 /Christian Newswire/ -- The following is submitted by Day Gardner, President of the National Black Pro-Life Union, she is available for... read more

Catholic Lay Group Denounces Bishops’ Congratulations to Biden: ‘Talk Is Cheap, We Need Real Courage’

DR. SUSAN BERRY3 Dec 20203,501 A Catholic lay organization is denouncing a recent congratulatory message the United States Bishops’ Conference sent to former Vice President Joe Biden, warning any attempts to compromise with Biden’s agenda will place the integrity of the church at great... read more

When Joe Biden Saved ‘Roe v. Wade’

COMMENTARY: 1992’s ‘Planned Parenthood v. Casey’ was anything but reprehensible to a senator from Delaware. By Paul Kengor, Nation, October 26, 2020 The date: June 29, 1992. The place: the Amtrak station in Wilmington, Delaware. Two men spot one another. They wave; they smile;... read more


An Anonymous Catholic, October 29, 2020 Dear Catholic Bishops, The poet John Milton wrote: “The hungry sheep look up, and are not fed.” Church leadership is called upon to do the right thing, especially in difficult times: to speak the truth boldly and lovingly and to watch over those... read more

Vatican Announces Details of ‘Economy of Francesco’ Conference

Luigino Bruni, the event's scientific director, said this event represents the ‘largest movement of young economists and entrepreneurs in the world.’ By Edward Pentin, Vatican, October 27, 2020 VATICAN CITY — The Economy of Francesco, an international event next month aimed at making... read more

Confirming New Justices Is Not ‘Packing the Court’

BY ALEXANDRA DESANCTIS, OCTOBER 12, 2020 David Harsanyi has an excellent rundown on the homepage today of Democrats’ ongoing efforts to redefine “Court packing.” A quick recap of where things stand: Joe Biden has said that he won’t announce whether he supports expanding the number of... read more

The Smear Continues

Judging by the Record