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Pope Francis’s Socialist Agenda

By William Kilpatrick, March 11, 2019 Watching Bernie Sanders’s speech announcing his candidacy for president, it struck me that—except for the part about a woman’s right to choose—Pope Francis would have found himself in agreement with just about every item on the aging socialist... read more

Manhood and Biblical Christianity are Poisoned by “The Handmaid’s Tale”

by James Michael Francis Komaniecki, P.E., February 5, 2019 The Handmaid’s Tale, by Margaret Atwood, Book Cover, 2012 Edition In the wake of the 2016 election which justifiably trashed the hopes of Hillary Clinton and radical feminists, the progressive Democrat juggernaut is firing up an... read more

The Conservative Disadvantage

By Stefano Gennarini, February 7, 2019 If the status quo is the end game for conservatives, then there can never be hope for a long-term political victory, only momentary setbacks to the progressive agenda. The victories of social progressivism have less to do with the ideology of the founding... read more

Lay Catholics: Stop Waiting for Bishops to do Your Job

By Peter Wolfgang on February 10, 2019 It is a familiar story. The particulars are more radical this time. But it is essentially the same story. A Catholic politician commits some grave public violation of basic human rights. Outraged Catholics call for his head on an... read more

Cardinal Dolan Op-Ed Calls Out Gov. Cuomo for Abortion ‘Celebration,’ Church Dissent

New York archbishop said that Cuomo also unfairly characterized Church’s engagement with bill on statutes of limitations for sex-abuse cases. Catholic News Agency, January 30, 2019 NEW YORK CITY — The archbishop of New York said Monday that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has insulted the... read more

“Trumpification” of the Pro-Life Movement?

By Adrian Reimers, January 30, 2019 Washington Post columnist Michael Gerson, a former George W. Bush speechwriter, warns the pro-life movement of the dangers of “Trumpification.” Citing the presence of political figures, principally Republican ones including a video message from the... read more

Squandering Moral Capital

By George Weigel, January 23, 2019 The morality of tyrannicide is not much discussed in today’s kinder, gentler Catholic Church. Yet that difficult subject once engaged some of Catholicism’s finest minds, including Thomas Aquinas and Francisco Suárez, and it was passionately debated during... read more

There is Much More to International Pro-Life than Mexico City Policy

By Austin Ruse | January 10, 2019 NEW YORK, January 11 (C-Fam) Early this month, the Democrat controlled House of Representatives passed a spending bill that included the resumed funding of abortion groups overseas. Pro-life groups and Christian media pounced on this atrocious attack on... read more

What Catholic Social Teaching Tells Us About Affirmative Action

By Stephen M. Krason, January 7, 2019 A few months ago, I was on a panel at my university on the topic of evaluating American liberalism and conservatism in light of Catholic social teaching. The panel was asked what that teaching would say about affirmative action—defined by a leading law... read more

Pew Research: New Congress Is More Than One-Third Catholic

Catholics account for 28 of the 96 new members of Congress. Catholic News Agency | Jan. 4, 2019 WASHINGTON — The 116th Congress was gaveled into session January 3, bringing almost 100 new lawmakers into office, and with Catholics making up nearly 30 percent of the congressional freshman... read more

The Immorality of Illegal Immigration

By Victor Davis Hanson, December 31, 2018 New House majority leader Nancy Pelosi reportedly spent the holidays at the Fairmont Orchid on Kona, contemplating future climate-change legislation and still adamant in opposing the supposed vanity border wall. But in a very different real world from... read more

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