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Dr. Seuss Meets the Cancel Culture — and Loses

By Anthony Esolen, National Catholic Register, April 5, 2021 We hear that the estate of Theodore Geisel, better known as Dr. Seuss, will withdraw from sale a couple of that bland old liberal’s books. In one of them, as I have seen, there is a picture of a Chinese man eating with chopsticks.... read more

COVID cases plummet after WHO changes testing protocol on Biden’s Inauguration Day

On January 20, the day of Joe Biden’s inauguration and entrance into the White House, the World Health Organization (WHO) quietly issued new guidance on the manner in which polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests were to be conducted and reported. By Michael Haynes February 8, 2021... read more

New Pro-Life Congressman Burgess Owens Starts “Freedom Force” to Take on AOC”s Squad

Steven Ertelt, LifeNews, November 30, 2020 | 11:08AM WASHINGTON, DC A newly-elected pro-life Congressman is starting a new group of pro-life conservative member of Congress to take on the radically pro-abortion Squad headed up by socialist Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria... read more

A Wounded Nation Sows the Wind — and Reaps the Whirlwind

The current culture’s disregard of natural and divine law has reaped ruinous consequences. By Anna Abbott, NCR, November 23, 2020 When Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed to the Supreme Court after contentious hearings in 2018, he warned, “You sowed the wind. For decades to come, I fear the... read more

Physicians: ‘Masks don’t control viruses, they control you,’ ‘pandemic is over’

‘The big deal is, they may be soft, and they may look okay, but this is George Orwell’s boot on a human face forever if we don’t get this off,’ one doctor said about mask mandates. WASHINGTON, D.C., October 29, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — A rapidly growing group of doctors critical of the... read more

Catholic priest threatens mother of seven with arrest if she enters church without a mask

The mother of seven said she wasn't going to play the mask 'game' anymore, referring to mask mandates as 'control tools' and 'Marxist' By Emily Mangiaracina, LifeSite News, October 27, 2020 A Catholic parish priest has threatened to call the police on a parishioner if she shows up to church... read more

In new encyclical, Pope Francis seems to promote religious indifferentism

When writing in the eighth chapter on fraternal relations among religions, Pope Francis endorses a sense that all religions are good and even can 'witness to God.' By Maike Hickson, LifeSite News, October 5, 2020 Pope Francis, in his new encyclical Fratelli Tutti, makes statements that seem... read more
Pope Francis blesses newly ordained priests in the St. Damaso courtyard.

What’s in a name? At the Vatican, a debate on inclusiveness

By Nicole Winfield, Crux, September 17, 2020 ROME — The Vatican responded Wednesday to criticism that the title of Pope Francis’ upcoming encyclical on the post-COVID world is sexist, saying the document, “Fratelli Tutti,” (“Brothers All”) in no way excludes women. In Italian,... read more

German Catholics debate sexuality and the place of women

Participants of the synodal path initiated met in five cities of the country. In Berlin, where "La Croix" went, the discussions were sometimes heated By Delphine Nerbollier, LaCroix, September 7, 2020 German Catholics who are delegates for the Synodal Path have held their latest plenary... read more

Bishops’ main duty is to safeguard their flock’s salvation – and many fail

Bishops’ main duty is to safeguard their flock’s salvation – and many fail ‘They are under an obligation to denounce ideas or individuals who present an urgent threat to their people’s spiritual welfare, and remove people from roles in the diocese, including schools, where they... read more

The Cultural Revolution and Us

By Bevil Bramwell, OMI, August 2, 2020 The United States is currently going through its own version of China’s Cultural Revolution, including rampaging mobs, hell-bent on the destruction of property and historical artifacts. These disturbances have obscured the sometimes quite legitimate... read more
Bishop Thomas Daley, Diocese of Spokane

Spokane Bishop Responds to Catholic Charities Racism Video

Fr. Jose Granados, DCJM. Courtesy photo

JPII Institute VP says school’s identity is ‘seriously threatened’

No Parish for Real Men