Pope Pius X

God Wants a Repentant Church, Not a Relevant Church

BY JONATHAN B. COE, AUGUST 19, 2019 On a regular basis the faithful Catholic laity find themselves disconcerted and even outraged when priests and prelates display an inverted moral calculus. For example, as William Kilpatrick writes in a recent essay in this magazine, the Vatican has become a... read more

Fantastic Priests and How to Find Them

By Raymond Kowalski, November 27, 2018 Pope St. Pius X foresaw it. Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen saw the signs of its imminent arrival. Michael Davies experienced it and documented its early attacks on the liturgy. Ross Douthat has chronicled its continued progress. Elizabeth Yore has put it into... read more

Doctrine remains problem in relations, SSPX affirms after Vatican meeting

Catholic News Agency, 27 November, 2018 The SSPX superior general said 'irreducible doctrinal divergence' remained an issue After a meeting between the superior general of the Society of St. Pius X and the prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, the canonically irregular... read more

Monsignor Bux: Pope Francis Must Urgently Issue Profession of Faith

The Vatican theologian says unless the Pope reaffirms Church teaching on morals, the faith and the sacraments, ‘the apostasy will deepen and the de facto schism will widen.’ Edward Pentin Blog In a forceful interview with Italian Vaticanist Aldo Maria Valli, Msgr. Nicola Bux has warned... read more

The Modernist Roots of Our Current Crisis

By Fr. Nicholas Gregoris, October 11, 2018 Recently, the Church has suffered blow after blow as a result of scandals involving clergy sex abuse and the abuse of power exercised by certain bishops and cardinals who sought to cover up that abuse so as to protect the abusers. Some accusations have... read more

Where is the St. Pope Pius X of Today?

By Fr. John A. Perricone, August 21, 2018 At the beginning of time a snake slithered into a Garden called Eden. He entered quietly and quite unobtrusively, as is his wont. And he wreaked havoc on the human race. That same serpent slithered into the supernatural Garden of Eden, which is the... read more

We Are Not Scared to Face the Dictatorship of Thought Police – by Lorenzo Fontana

Letter from Lorenzo Fontana, Italian Minister of Family Affairs, to the Director of the Roman newspaper Il Tempo. Dear Director, I would like to thank, Il Tempo, its staff and all those who have given me their support during these days when there is a strong attempt to attack not only me but... read more

Cardinal Cupich’s Modernist View of the Family

By R. Jared Staudt, February 16, 2018 The accusation of modernism gets thrown around a lot, especially in traditional circles. As a descriptor of heresy, modernism is a vague term. Modernism can refer to a movement of art and architecture, as well as to the general spirit of modern thought as a... read more

Did Pope Francis Put Migrant Safety Ahead of National Security?

BY THOMAS D. WILLIAMS, SEPTEMBER 8, 2017 On August 21, the Vatican released Pope Francis’s 2018 message for the World Day of Migrants and Refugees, a commemorative feast established by Pope Pius X in 1914. The message collects some of Francis’s now well-known considerations regarding... read more